Re. Gillian McKeith vs. Nigella Lawson…

On 25th November I made THIS blog post.

Today, my Mam sent me an email with this:

Merry Christmas everyone.  Please have a safe and happy Festive period and most of all, stay healthy!!!  It is in the interests of good health I send you this important message. Enjoy!

This woman is 51.

She is a TV “health guru” advocating a holistic approach to nutrition and  ill health, promoting exercise, a pescetarian diet high in organic fruits and  vegetables. She recommends detox diets colonic irrigation and  supplements, also making statements that yeast is harmful, that the colour of  food is nutritionally significant, and about the utility of lingual and faecal  examination.

This woman is 50.

She is a TV cook, who eats nothing but meat, butter and deserts [sic].

Only you can decide which woman you want to be!

It seems I may have inadvertantly started an email meme! 🙂

7 responses to “Re. Gillian McKeith vs. Nigella Lawson…

  1. omg!! That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thanksg for the Monday morning laugh!

  2. no contest: I’d rather “be” Nigella. OK, so maybe I’m a wee bit overweight, and shorter, and wear glasses, but, heck, I look a lot better than others of the same age. he he…

  3. Wow, that single year between 50 and 51 must be fraught with disasters! 😉

  4. Fabulous! Love it-:) It just shows there is no point to stress yourself about gives you more wrinkles..right Gillian? -:)

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