About Me

Welcome to my online home! Come on in, but please be sure to wipe your feet – I’ve just vacuumed!

My name is Kell and not so very long ago I was a complete mess. However, after stumbling upon a wonderful website called FlyLady.net, I was inspired to change my life and reinvent myself as a Domestic Goddess. Those who know me personally can testify to just how radical a change this is – it really is a case of going from Stig of the Dump to Bree Van de Kamp!

Anyway, a little about me and mine. That’s me over to the left with the pink hair.

I’m a Stay-At-Home-Mum who enjoys reading, cross stitch and spending time with my gorgeous son and wonderful hubby. I occasionally do a little writing (just some short stories) and dream of one day penning a novel, I also occasionally review books for authors and publishers as well as just for fun (or when I have the time!). On top of that I love old screwball comedies, especially if they star Cary Grant! In my (very limited!) spare time I design cross stitch and blackwork charts, often with a humourous or slightly subversive twist.

I have been known to one and all as the messiest person on the planet but am in the process of reinventing myself as a Domestic Goddess to give my poor hubby a bit of a break!

This handome chap is our son, Xander. He was born in September 2008, just two days before my own birthday – the best birthday present I ever got! I did originally go back to work when he was almost ten months old, but it proved very difficult for all of us so I made the decision to quit my job and stay home with him for a while, which is far more fun and way more satisfying to boot! (I now work a few evenings a week, but am home through the day.)

Like his Mummy, he loves hauling out his books and is car-crazy – anything with wheels has him engrossed for ages as he runs it back and forward going “vroom vroom!” He’s also a total cuddle-monkey and offers hugs and kisses at the drop of a hat, and loves nothing more than being tickled! He also loves sitting on Mummy’s knee to help with stitching.

And yes, he knows exactly how cute he is!

This is Dale (with Xander) – Devoted Daddy and Handsome Hubby. We’ve been together since March 2000 and got married in August 2003 (after I proposed when he was still half asleep – hah!). I consider myself extremely lucky to have a hubby who is so involved – he’s done the majority of the housework since we got together (as I was always rubbish at it) and did it ALL while I was pregnant with Xander right up until he was a year old (apart from cooking and cleaning the bathroom which remained my jobs). He’s not just a pretty face – he’s done almost all the fixing up of our flat since we bought it in 2004! I couldn’t ask for a better Hubby or Daddy for Xander – he really is that great!

And finally, this is Leni, my younger sister. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better sister or friend, and Xan absolutely adores his favourite Auntie! She and Dale even get on like a house on fire – Leni is such fun to hang out with! Anyway, here she is in all her gorgeousness…

So, now you’ve met the family, I’ll go and get us all a cuppa and something to nibble on. Dale will chat to you while I’m in the kitchen and I’m sure Xander will give you a big hug!

12 responses to “About Me

  1. Lovely new blog! Of course, I’ve added you to my blogroll. 🙂

  2. Thank you. And I’ll link backto you too, of course. 🙂

  3. well done on your blog, sorry it’s taken me so long to come visit.

  4. Hey…Gonna write you a letter…at some point. And mail it…I just have to get the kids to let me actually sit down and write without having to be in the middle. 🙂

  5. Tell me about it – I rarely, if ever, get a chance to put pen to paper these days – LOL!

  6. The issue I have is mainly Podling…she sees a pen/pencil and SHE wants to write! So…it would just end up looking like chicken scratching when I got done. The computer is different…but…we are out of ink on our printer. 🙂

  7. Our printer isn’t even hooked up – LOL! We bought a new one last summer, but it didn’t work. So we eventually took it back at the start of this month. We got it back about a week later and it’s still not connected, so it still might not work – I haven’t a clue. I love handwriting letters, but my writing these days is appalling and I never get the time to write them, even when Xan is in bed, as I have so much else to do…

  8. haha Welcome to motherhood! 🙂 There is always something else to do, to clean, to straighten…and when you do find time you usually want to take a bath, read a book, spend time with hubs, etc. Try having 2 kids! Double the fun! ROFL My apartment is in a perpetual state of disarray because I refuse to clean it all day every day. I would rather play with my kids than worry if their toys are put away…but I still have to do laundry now and again…and dishes…and make food…and I do occasionally clean the mess up. :-0)

  9. Yes, girl, I’m a messy one too! And my boyfriend is the breadwinner. We’re so lucky to have supportive partners. I’m a domestic diva too so I’ll be following you! Good Luck!

  10. I was recently widowed. I can not begin to tell you how much enjoyment I have found in your sites. Thank you for doing all that you are doing!!

    Happy Holidays!!

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