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More Planting…

Our little collection of home-grown goodness is growing! Our tomatoes, which we planted on 16th March, are growing well, and the herbs are sprouting up beautifully. The strawberry seeds we planted at the same time, however, haven’t taken, so today we planted two new large pots of strawberries. While we were at it, we also planted some courgette seeds, so we’ll see how they come along.

Our biggest success, though, is the beans! We planted them on 26th March and they have shot up! The other night, the tallest shoot was about 1.5 inches, but by this morning when we checked, it had grown to almost 6 inches tall – we couldn’t believe it!

I think that, next weekend, we’ll move the tomatoes and beans into the large window planter I got last year when I joined the One Pot Pledge. By then I hope we’ll see some sweet pepper and strawberry shoots ni their pots too – fingers crossed!

Green-Fingered Goddessness…

It’s been ten days since we decided to try being a little green-fingered and grow some of our own food (or at least attempt to gain something edible – LOL!). My track record with plants to date hasn’t been great, so I’m making a concerted effort to do things right…

On 16th March, Xan and I planted a little pot each of tomatoes and strawberries. The tomatoes are doing really well, but the strawberries seem to be taking their time deciding what they want to do. I think I can see the beginnings of one tiny shoot in their pot, so I’m hopeful they’re deciding to sprout and will soon take after the tomatoes…

That same day, we planted coriander, basil, chives and parsley in an herb planter (I got the whole kit as a Xmas gift). The coriander has taken hold really well already; the basil and chives are just peeking through the soil, and the parsley looks like it’s just starting to poke through too.

Today, I was in town with Xander and took him into the local pound shop to “choose a prize”. He did as he usually does and chose a book, but then spotted some veg-pots, picked up one each of sweet peppers and green beans, and said, “I want to plant them, Mummy. Want to grow them and eat them up!” So, because they were only a quid each, we bought them and planted them up this afternoon.

As a result of all this, we have the beginnings of a lovely little kitchen garden on our kitchen windowsill! Lets see if I can keep them all alive and gain a nice crop of various veggies!


Fridge Soup

It’s getting towards the end of the week and you have stuff in the fridge that need to get used up before you go grocery shopping again in a day or two. What do you do? Well, if you’re anything like me, you make Fridge Soup for lunch!

I’m a huge soup fan – I make it all the time, winter, spring, summer and autumn, and I always love it. And Xander seems to be taking after me, as he often asks for soup too.

Today I had a bunch of peppers, a small leek and a couple of sweet potatoes that were begging to be used, so with the addition of a small onion, a little garlic, and a couple of stock cubes, here’s my Fridge Soup of the Day. Amounts are approximations, as they were what I had in the fridge at the time, so feel free to mix it up:

Roasted Peppers and Sweet Potato Soup
3 peppers (yellow, orange and red)
2 medium sweet potatoes
1 small leek
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
2 chicken stock cubes
water to cover
seasoning to taste
a little olive oil


  1. Preheat the oven to around 200C.
  2. Cut peppers in half and remove seeds. Sprinkle with a little olive oil and roast in the oven for around 30 minutes.
  3. Slice the leek and onion, crush the garlic, and saute gently in a little olive oil.
  4. Peel and dice the sweet potatoes and add to the onions, leek and garlic.
  5. Boil the kettle and add enough boiling water to cover the vegetables.
  6. Add a couple of stock cubes and simmer till the peppers are ready.
  7. Add the peppers and simmer a few more minutes till everything is tender.
  8. Puree everything with a hand blender, adding more water to adjust to desired consistency.
  9. Season to taste and serve with a crusty bread roll.

Xan and I have just had a HUGE bowl each for lunch and it was delicious, if I say so myself. I made enough for us to have some more for lunch tomorrow too (it’s often even better the next day and it usually thickens up a bit in the fridge too, so you can add a little more water when you heat it up).

Go take a look in your fridge and make your own version of Fridge Soup – and I’d love to know your recipe and how it turns out, so be sure to leave a comment and a link if you do!