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Movie Review – Kill Keith (2011)

Film: Kill Keith
Released: 2011
Director: Andy Thompson
Stars: Susannah Fielding, Simon Phillips, Marc Pickering, Keith Chegwin, Tony Blackburn

A new host will be announced for popular breakfast show, Crack of Dawn, but someone is hunting down the people on the short list – Joe Pasquale, Tony Blackburn, Russell Grant, and last but not least, Keith Chegwin – to turture and murder them all. Will the Breakfast Serial Killer manage to murder all the prospective presenters? Who is this madman? And why is he embarking on his murderous spree? Can intrepid tea boy and wannabe presenter Danny save the day and get the girl of his dreams, none other than Dawn, the co-star?

What I thought of it:
From start to finish, this film is utter silliness. But you know what? It’s absolutely hilarious! The household names we love (and those we love to hate) are all present and correct as parodies of themselves (kudos especially to Cheggers and Blackburn!). Marc Pickering (Danny) looks like the secret love child of Alan Cumming and is brilliant as the loser who dreams of being more than just the tea boy on Britain’s favourite breakfast television show. The movie-based fantasy sequences are all brilliant.

And when it comes to seeing those aforementioned household names getting tortured, maimed and murdered, the over-the-top ick-factor is extremely high and extremely funny.

It’s nothing high-brow, it’s not particularly clever, but it will make you giggle like crazy. If you ever watched Swap Shop on a Saturday morning as a kid, you’ll love seeing Cheggers in this crazy comedy-murder-fantasy.