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In remembrance – respect for the fallen

This morning, while we were doing out grocery shopping, an announcement came over the tannoy system to say that at 11am (in 20 minutes time) there would be a two-minute silence. Then at 11am, they announced the beginning of the silence as a mark of respect for our fallen heroes. I was shocked and disgusted at the amount of people who just continued shopping and chatting throughout that so-short period of time.

Is it really too much to ask that people take a couple of minutes, once a year, to show some respect for those who gave their lives (and those who continue to risk their lives) so that we didn’t have to live unde an oppressive regime, and reflect on how lucky we are as a result of their sacrifice?

Even our 3-y-o son, Xander was relatively quiet (with a little “shushing” from us to remind him) and later I explained briefly that some time ago a lot of people fought a big fight and were killed so that we could have better lives now, and that we were quiet to show them we cared about what they did for us. He looked at me very solemnly and nodded his head, even though I’m certain he didn’t fully understand even that simple explanation.

If a 3-year-old can begin to grasp the concept, why is it so impossible for adults to do the same and show a little respect?