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More Cards For Cancer Research UK Charity

I stitched and assembled another two cards to raise money in aid of Cancer Research UK, and then, as I ran out of cards but wanted to do more, I stitched another three patches which will be added to cards when they reach their destination.

The teapot cards were a free kit with Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine and didn’t take long to stitch. The other three designs were from various sources. I hope they, along with the other five cards I made earlier, will go some way towards raising a little money for a worthy cause.


Two Cards for Friends

Kokeshi Doll Card
Stitched on white 14-count aida

This was a little freebie kit on a cross stitch magazine and the moment I saw it, I knew I had to stitch it for Paula. Paula collects Kokeshi dolls and all things Japanese, so I thought this would go well with her collection. I hope she likes it!

It was a lovely little quick stitch but I only just managed to get it finished as there was barely enough thread in the kit for three of the colours (yellow, orange and dark grey) and even with me being extremely economical with the threads (as I always am), I was struggling to get the last few stitches in before the floss ran out. Still, I think it was worth it as this little Kokeshi doll turned out rather well. The only change I made to the design was the mouth – she originally had a mouth of only two stitches side by side, making her mouth rectangular, so I added two 3/4 stitches underneath to make her smile.

Home Sweet Home Card
Stitched on cream 22-count Oslo in Venus floss

My friend, Tracey, has just moved to a long-awaited new house, so when I saw this little cottage design in a magazine, I jumped at the chance to stitch it. It’s a small design anyway, but stitching it on 22 count fabric made it a tiny miniature. As the count was higher, I stitched all but the border in a single thread (the border is two threads).

I didn’t follow the colours given with the design, but instead used some of the Venus flosses I had just received, which have a lovely, gentle sheen and are beautifully soft to work with.

I hope Tracey and her family will be very happy in their new home!

Mothers’ Day Card

Design: Matka Boska (monochromatic) by xhaftx (free design)
Materials: Brown 14-count perforated paper; Anchor 1302 (variegated); DMC 3770; brown marbled card

The original design has a halo above the heads (I suspect it’s actually meant as a Christmas card), but as my mother is one of the least religious people I know, I omitted them from the design, leaving just the mother and child. I loved the effect of the creamy tones in the variegated floss for the figures – it kept them from being more static, as I suspect they may have been if stitched in monochrome (although, I have actually seen it stitched beautifully in blue).

Rather than just affix the stitched paper to a pre-made card, I thought I’d try something a little different. I stitched a message for inside the card on another piece of perforated paper and backed them both with a thin marble-effect brown card which toned beautifully. Then I blanket-stitched the left-hand edges of the perforated paper together to make the card and hey presto!

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and I hope my Mam will like it too.

Mothers’ Day Card for Grom

Design: From Aliolka Blogspot (in Russian – beautiful freebie designs!)
Materials: white 14-count perforated paper; DMC 94, 99 and 124 variegated floss; card; flock stick-ons

I downloaded this lovely little bird design some time ago, not knowing when or for what purpose I would use it, but knowing that it would certainly get stitched. I was right – I was flicking through my collection for a design to use as a Mothers’ Day card for my Grom and this one jumped right out at me!

I’ve only ever seen it stitched in monochrome – usually in a single solid colour, but occasionally in a variegated thread, but never with different colours for various sections. I quickly decided I’d like to see how it turned out using three colours – a garnet variegated for the bird, sapphire variegated for the flower and a soft green variegated for the stem and also the lettering which I added. I also really enjoy stitching on perforated paper as it means I can cut very close to the design (just one hole away fro the stitching), so I cut around most of the design, leaving just the block under the bird squared off for the lettering. This meant the pretty patterned card I had chosen wouldn’t be overpowered by a block of plain perforated paper. It also meant I had more space to add the stick-ons.

I’m really pleased with how this card turned out and I hope my Grom will like it too.

Assissi Birthday Card and Aquarius/Initial Keyring

Design: from Flower Power by Maria Diaz
Materials: white 14-count perforated paper; various Red Heart and freebie flosses; decorative paper; metallic card; card flower

My friend, Slav’ka, is a big fan of cross stitched items, so I decided to surprise her with a cross stitched birthday card (Happy birthday, Slav’ka!). The design is part of a larger, nine-block Assisi design which was in a booklet that came free on Cross Stitcher Magazine a while back and I had been dying to try it out, so I selected four of the blocks and stitched them on perforated paper using various flosses I had to hand. The pink metallic card showed through the holes on the design, so I backed it with some pale blue decorative paper, leaving a small overlap, and then finished the card by adding a pale pink glittery card flower which was a similar shape to the stitched ones.

Kell Smurthwaite
Materials: ecru 14-count aida; Trebla 51 variegated floss; soft toy stuffing; keyring hoop; ribbon

Also for Slav’ka’s birthday, I thought I’d stitch this little keyring with her initial and zodiac sign (Aquarius). As the designs were very simple and small, it didn’t take long to stitch them and then I just whip-stitched the two pieces together, back to back, filling it with toy stuffing and stitching the piece of ribbon (already looped through the keyring hoop) into place.