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Birthday ATCs

Thank you to everyone from the Cross Stitch ATCs Facebook Group who sent me an ATC for my birthday!

Cat in a flowery hat
From Gillian Gould, Ontario, Canada
This cute kitty is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

3-tier cake
From Teri Sandoval-Blake, Longview, Texas, USA
A sumptuous-looking cake with orders to eat it? Just the excuse I need on my birthday!

Subversive cake with K
From Annette N, Utah, USA
My fellow “subversive stitcher” across the pond was desperately awaiting my birthday so she could stitch a rude message, knowing full well just how much I’d appreciate it!

Sea Aster
From Karen Beaton, Melton, Australia
This is the birth flower for the month of September and so pretty!

Pink flower
From Emma Rowlett, Telford, UK
Such a fresh and pretty design, finished with a satin ribbon and sparkly gems

Ice cream sundae with cherries
From Angie Emerson, Leroy, MN, USA
Perfect birthday fare – and don’t those sparkly cherries look fantastic?

Dress, bag and shoe
From Lynn Stevens, London, UK
The perfect girlie outfit for a birthday night out.

Birthday Drinkies
From Monique (Mojoel1974)
Some colourful cocktails to enjoy.

Strawberry Scone
Gowri Shanthikumar, Dubai, UAE
A gorgeous little strawbery cream scone. I love the strawberry ribbon edging it.

Birthday Cupcake
Laura Borst, Whitburn, UK
Adorable little birthday cupcake. Love that little cupcake brad too.

Blackwork birthday
From Jaki Young, Kilmarnock, Scotland
I love the simplicity and elegance of this beautiful blackwork design.


Disney Characters ATC Exchange

Group: Cross Stitch Forum
Theme: Disney Characters
Stitched by: Me!
Sent to: Heidi Collins in Birmingham, UK
Information: I simply couldn’t resist this cute design of Pooh Bear posing while being kissed on the nose by a butterfly! He’s stitched on ecru 22-count hardanger in DMC floss. The backing paper was actually a pretty floral wrapping paper and I added a few metallic butterfly stickers before trimming the edges of the ATC with fancy-bladed craft scissors. The ATC is photographed on my copy of Winnie-The-Pooh by A.A. Milne, which I’ve had since I was two years old.

Group: Cross Stitch Forum
Theme: Disney Characters
Stitched by: Esme in Wolverhampton, UK
Sent to: Me!
Information: By sheer coincidence, Esme also chose a character from Winnie-The-Pooh – the ever-so-sweet Piglet. He also has a butterfly with him and he looks utterly delighted! He’s stitched on pale blue aida and the ATC is edged with the most gorgeous perle-and-metallic finish braid. The photograph doesn’t do it justice!

ATCs For August

(Photographed on my pale blue feather quill.)

Group: Cross Stitch ATCs Group (Facebook)
Theme: Mothers’ Day
Stitched by: Me!
Sent to: Lynn Stevens in Surrey, UK
Information: Stitched on white 22-count hardanger using rose-scented DMC and Belle Soie silk. The quote is from the film The Crow and reads “Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children.” The motif was taken from a larger design which is a freebie at Aliolka Blogspot.

(Photographed on my silver and black velvet scarf.)

Group: Cross Stitch ATCs Group (Facebook)
Theme: Fathers’ Day
Stitched by: Me!
Sent to: Dyah Baton in NSW, Australia
Information: I designed this one myself. I wanted something that wouldn’t look effeminate at all, so I stitched a very simple gingham effect using two shades of turquoise-blue and a silvery grey on white 22-count hardanger, then used a navy blue for the lettering. I experimented a little with different numbers of strands for the ginham effect, so it has quite a nice, nobbly texture.,and bordered it all with clear glass seed beads. I’ve no idea where the saying comes from, but it’s something I’ve heard said several times. I added a silver heart charm from my stash.

(Photographed on my copy of Out Of Africa by Karen Blixen and my pale blue feather quill.)

Group: Cross Stitch ATCs Group (Facebook)
Theme: Mothers’ Day
Stitched by: Gillian Gould in Ontario, Canada
Sent to: Me!
Information: Such a pretty design! I love the little jewelled hearts and two-tone ribbon on the right.

(Photographed on my copy of King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard.)

Group: Cross Stitch ATCs Group (Facebook)
Theme: Fathers’ Day
Stitched by: Sinead Mulholland in Northern Ireland
Sent to: Me!
Information: There’s such a lot of detail in this little owl that it took Sinead a whole week to stitch him! Well worth the effort, I think, as he’s gorgeous!

Three ATCs for July

All my ATCs this month went to the same person (Laura Borst), as we organised a private exchange. We agreed to two themes and we would each choose one of them. Laura chose a bear theme, so I stitched this lovely little chap with gingham on his face, ears and paws, holding a flower. The moment I saw him in the magazine, I knew he was perfect! I had a small, thin sheet of cork that I thought went very well with the colour scheme, so I stuck the stitching to that, and then the piece on pale beige card stock, which I think gives a very nice effect. Finally, I chose some letter stickers with metallic gold edging to spell out the word “BEAR”. I used craft scissors with fancy-edge blades to add a bit of interest to the shape. Since there was plenty of room on the back, I also stuck a little bear, which I cut out of some wrapping paper, under the info. I think it turned out rather cute!

The second theme (which I chose) was roses. I don’t usually stitch florals, so this was an excuse to do something a bit different. I found this design online (it was a freebie) and thought it very pretty. I also liked the idea of leaving the scalloped edge,so I stitched it on perforated paper, which enabled me to cut out an unusual shape with no fraying (wonderful stuff!). I added beads instead of stitching the tiny buds and also in the border, just for a bit of texture. I used some pretty floral wrapping paper on the cardstock and added some floral crystal letters to spell out “ROSE”, then used a decorative corner punch to give an unusual shape to the whole thing.

Laura relocated this month, so I decided to add an extra little ATC to welcome her to her new home. This pretty little blackwork design was from a magazine and I couldn’t resist it, despite there being a huge amount of French knots in it (which I hate!). I chose card stock that had a swirly pattern on it in a pale oatmeal colour that coordinated with the fabric, then used a wide, ridged ribbon in deep red (to coordinate with the stitching) and a narrow satin ribbon in black (for contrast) on the two edges.

I hope Laura likes her ATCs as much as I enjoyed stitching them for her!

Three ATCs for June

Design: From Illuminated Letters by Lesley Teare (WOXS)
“Letter N” Themed ATC for Cross Stitch ATCs FB Group
Stitched on white 18-count aida
Sent to Stephanie Slack, UK

I didn’t use the suggested colours for this ATC. Instead, I picked out some from my existing stash that I thought would look pretty together and I think it turned out pretty well. The backing paper is actually some wrapping paper that I had, with an abstract flower design on it in colours that went quite well with the stitching, and the corners were cut with a special paper punch to give a little added interest.

Design: FIFA 2010 ATC by Kell Smurthwaite, Kincavel Krosses
FIFA Themed ATC for Cross Stitch ATCs FB Group
Stitched on 25-count “potato” evenweave
Sent to Gowri Shanthikumar, Dubai

For this design, I went for simplicity – the South African flag, with “FIFA 2o10” in the lower-right corner and a football button. I used a green backing paper and cut it with pinking shears to give the spiky effect of grass behind the flag(you can just see the edges peaking out at the sides).

Design: From Donna Kooler’s 555 Fabulous Cross Stitch Patterns
“New Home” Themed ATC
Stitched on white 18-count aida
Sent to Liz Churchyard, Australia

Lizzie organises the ATC exchanges on the Cross Stitch ATCs FB Group every month, and does a great job just for the sheer joy of it. As she’s moving house, Laura Borst thought it would be a lovely idea if we all stitched “New Home” ATCs for her.

I didn’t use the suggested colours, instead choosing from my existing floss stash. I added “Where the heart is” under the little house myself, using two lazy daisy stitches for the heart. The backing paper is wrapping paper I had with a floral pattern in colours I thought went well with the stitched design, and I used the corner punch again. I then popped a few little crystals for some sparkle.

This design had loads of French knots, which I usually loathe doing, but on this occasion I didn’t mind and they came out quite neatly after all.

Two ATCs

“Illuminated C” and “Koi”

These are the two ATCs I stitched for the May exchange at the Cross Stitch ATC Facebook group.

The first theme is “The Letter C” – the plan is that all 26 letters will be covered, but not in alphabetical order (just to keep us on our toes!). I chose my design from Illuminated Letters by Lesley Teare – the alphabet featured in an issue of The World of Cross Stitching (I don’t know which issue – I swapped a chart with a member on a forum to get these), and I plan to use these designs for my whole alphabet series. It’s stitched on white 14-count aida in various DMC threads and only just fits on the card, so next time I’ll be using a higher count of fabric!

The second theme is “Oriental”. I found this gorgeous little koi design which is free to download from Cross Stitch Happy and just knew it was the one for me! I didn’t use the suggested colours, but instead picked colours out of my existing stash. I also replaced the eyes and most of the little buds on the plants with beads, just for a little extra dimension. Finally, I added the Japanese character for “koi” in the upper right-hand corner. The koi represents love and friendship, so this beautiful fish was the perfect choice for an exchange. I like him so much I almost wished I could have kept him for myself, so I think there’s a distinct possibility I’ll stitch him again for a card or some such thing. This version is stitched on pale blue 14-count aida in various DMC threads and beads I had to hand.

Three ATCs

I’ve recently become part of a Facebook group that exchanges ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)* and have also been taking part in an exchange on The Cross Stitch Forum, so I thought I’d display them here.

The Easter Bunny and Smile designs were both for the Facebook group for the April exchange (I’ll post the pictures of the May exchange ATCs when they’ve arrived at their destinations – the posting date is the 20th of the month).

For the Easter-themed ATC, I thought there could be nothing more associated with that holiday (well, for me, anyway) than the Easter Bunny, so I adapted a sweet little design I found online for free (click HERE).

The “Stitch a Smile” theme had me thinking – what would I choose? Wile searching for something suitable, I came across a beautiful freebie daffodils design. FOr me, the first sign of daffodils is the first sign that Spring is here and it always makes me smile. Again, I adapted the design slightly. Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me, remember where I got the chart, so if you spot it anywhere, please let me know, so I can give credit to the designer!

The final ATC is on a Summer theme and is for the Cross Stitch Forum exchange. I designed this one myself and it was fun, yet simple, to stitch. You can download the chart for free at my Kincavel Krosses design blog.

* ATCs always measure 2.5″ x 3.5″. They are exclusively swapped, rather than being sold, and can be done in any medium on any theme.