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Day 12 – The Muppet Christmas Carol

Well, of course, it’s The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) – what else could it possibly be? It just HAD to be the Muppets for Christmas Day!

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Day 11 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

The penultimate day and the penultimate film! It’s Christmas Eve, so what treat do I have in store for you all today?

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Day 10 – Gremlins

Today is a special day, because today’s movie is actually my favourite festive film of ALL TIME.

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Day 9 – Bad Santa

Just a few days left, so it’s time for another one featuring St. Nick (or one of his helpers), albeit a shady version of him. Billy Bob Thornton is Bad Santa (2003), a con man who uses a Santa suit as a disguise to rob a department store on Christmas Eve, while his partner in crime is dressed as an elf. However, they don’t count on a small boy making them see the true meaning of Christmas and giving them a change of heart. It’s fun and schmaltzy, but any film that features a grumpy Santa is good in my book – especially if he experiences a turn-around at the crucial moment.

It’s not really one for the kids, but the grown-ups can have a drink and a giggle at this one when the little’uns are tucked up in bed.

Here’s the trailer.

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Day 8 – It Happened on Fifth Avenue

This one is pure Christmas Movie Magic. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947) is one of those wonderful feel-good films that seems to get overlooked in favour of the better-known ones such as It’s a Wonderful Life (which is a film I’ve never actually seen yet, despite being a HUGE fan of James Stewart!). It is, however, in my opinion, worthy of attention, and if you have never seen it, I beg you to rectify that situation as soon as possible!

I couldn’t find a trailer for this wonderful film, so I will let you see the opening ten minutes in the hopes that it will make you want to watch the rest…

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Day 7 – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

We’re heading into the final countdown, so here’s a full-on family Christmas film with heart. Well, it doesn’t start out that way in How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), but with this being a story by Dr. Seuss, you just know there will be all kind of madcap misadventures before everything turns out alright in the end.

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