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I’ve been getting notifications that people are subscribing to Diary of a Domestic Goddess, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m no longer using this blog. Not using it at all. There won’t be any more posts here, so there’s no point in subscribing.

Instead, why not pop along to my NEW blog, where I AM posting. Pretty much daily. Honestly, it’s a great blog, you should go visit it. And maybe subscribe to THAT one instead. You can find it here:

Kincavel Korner

Boobs are very important!

Whilst in town today with Xander, we spotted some people collecting for Breast Cancer Research. As I always do, I stopped and donated, picking out one of the new ribbon badges. Being naturally inquisitive, Xander asked what it was for.

How do you explain about breast cancer to an almost-three-year-old?

Well, I simply told him that sometimes people get very ill with something called cancer, and sometimes it’s in the boobles (that’s what he calls breasts) and that these people were collecting money to help find a way to make all these people better and that maybe one day nobody would ever have to get sick or die of breast cancer.

He demanded a badge all to himself.

When I asked him why, he simply replied “Boobles are very important!”

And he’s right – boobles ARE very important. Mine fed Xander for 14 1/2 months, so he knows first-hand how great boobs are. I’m sure my hubby will also stand up and say boobs are wonderful!

My Auntie had breast cancer, fought it and, thankfully, beat it. So did my old boss. It’s VITAL to know your own breasts and take notice of any changes that occur – early detection is a life saver!

Incidentally, breast cancer isn’t a female-only problem – men can get it too, so EVERYONE should make sure they check their chest (and other areas too – don’t skimp on checking out your nethers, boys!) every month.

Xan wanted a photo taken with his new badge, so here it is for all to see:

Cancer Research UK website HERE

Stitchy Saturdays – Stitched Up…

Each Saturday, I will feature either something I’m currently stitching, something I’ve just finished stitching, or something I’ve just designed. I hope you’ll all join me in displaying some of your own work and leaving a link to your post in the comments below.

Over the last little while I’ve mostly been stitching for other people.

The first is a wedding sampler I was commissioned by a friend to design and stitch for one of her friends. It’s stitched in black floss on pale lemon 28-count evenweave (unfortunately, the photo doesn’t show the colour at all). I sent it unframed for my friend to have framed as she pleased.  It was a really tight timeframe, so I had to work my butt off getting it ready on time!

The second piece was for a friend of mine who recently had a baby boy.  As I met her after she had her daughter (we met through our children),  I hadn’t stitched a birth sampler for her before, so I decided to include both her children on this mini sampler which I designed.

I framed this one and sent it to her. By all accounts she’s pleased with it (phew!), which makes me very happy!

The third piece was for my Mam. It’s one of my Crazy January Challenge charts – Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.

When I showed it to Xan, he asked what it said. I explained that it meant that we love people even when we don’t see them all the time. He smiled and said, “It’s for Mama!” (that’s what he calls my Mam). Sometimes he just really hits the nail on the head.

And finally, something I’m working on just for me. I’ve joined up with a bunch of other stitchers on Facebook who are all stitching my Rules For Life Sampler (so far I’ve sold 19 copies of it!). This is where I’m up to so far. It’s stitched on navy 14-count aida in Anchor 1335.

If you’d like to see how other people are interpreting the design, or to stitch along with us, you can check out the group on Facebook HERE.

The Domestic Goddess Goes All-Out…

The olds (1)  are coming up to visit for the long weekend (2), so, as they’ll be arriving tomorrow around tea-time, today and tomorrow will be busy days. They’ll be even busier because I was working the last three days and we have plans tomorrow lunchtime with friends – phew! I’ve been kept on my toes with a hectic schedule…

So far today, I have:

  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Stripped the beds (Dale made them up again for me)
  • Gone into town to pay bills
  • Taken Xan on an outing to the airport (to watch the aeroplanes and helicopters) and to the woods (for a nice, tiring walk)
  • Made a batch of lemon burst cupcakes (3)
  • Made cheese scones in the oven to cook (4)

Today, I still have to:

  • Pop the spiced honey tea loaf in the oven (5)
  • Cook the potatoes and lightly fry the onions for the meat and potato pie (6)
  • Ice the cupcakes once they’re cool (with lemon buttercream frosting)
  • Do prep for our picnic tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will:

  • Vacuum the entire flat
  • Make the meat and potato pie
  • Go for a picnic and playdate with friends
  • Collapse in a heap just as The Olds arrive!

As I plan to make sushi for my picnic lunch tomorrow (7), I’ll probably  do that tonight too, to save me doing it in the morning. I’m pretty certain that I’m forgetting some things that desperately need to be done, but no doubt I’ll remember at the last second and almost give myself a stroke when I realise everyone will arrive in five minutes and the job will take half an hour at least.

I think I deserve to sit and watch a film while I do some stitching this evening, and put my feet up with a nice, hot cup of tea.

Sometimes it’s hard work being a Domestic Goddess!

(1) My Mam and Step-Dad.
(2) Because of the Royal Wedding, we have a four-day weekend and they thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of it.
(3) These are now cooling.
(4) These are currently baking.
(5) I made the tea this morning and soaked the dried mixed fruit all day so I just had to add the rest of the ingredients.
(6) The potatoes are now in the steamer and I’ll fry up the onions once they’re almost done.
(7) Every now and then I just really, really fancy having sushi! I don’t like it with raw fish, though, so I use tinned tuna and vegetables instead…

From Russia, with love…

I recently took part in a Christmas Biscornu Exchange at Cross Stitch Forum (you can see the biscornu I sent HERE), and the biscornu I was sent arrived this morning, all the way from Russia!

Not content with just sending me her beautiful biscornu, Tookie also added a whole host of other goodies – two lovely wooden bobbins wound with  very pretty lace, eight skeins of gorgeous variegated floss, and a box of chocolates. To say I am overwhelmed by Tookie’s thoughtfulness and generosity is a vast understatement – I am absolutely blown away by this gift.

The photos don’t do any justice to the vibrant colours, but you will get an idea of just how lovely this stitchy gift is and how much I love it.

Foto Friday

What is Foto Friday?
It’s a weekly meme hosted by me.
How do I take part?
Easy – you post a picture and tell everyone the following:
* What / who is in this photo?
* When / where was this photo taken?
* Why you love this photo.
Then you just leave a comment here linking back to your blog entry. Simple!

What / who is in this photo?
Dale (my hubby) and me. You can also see the top of a couple of heads – my Grom (left) and my cousin Roy (right), and my sister, Leni’s hand  (right) throwing confetti. We’re seen through the crowd…

When / where was this photo taken?
Our wedding day (1st August 2003), arriving back at The Palm Court Hotel after having our photos taken at the Cruickshank Botanical Gardens.

Why you love this photo.
I don’t usually like photographs of myself, but I love this candid shot of us both with the confetti flying everywhere and the sun on our faces. We both look so happy (and we were – and still are!). It’s actually one of my very favourite wedding pictures from our album and it wasn’t one of the official ones by the photographer (I think was actaully my Mam who took this one). It’s a reminder of just how much fun we had at our wedding.

A gift for a friend with a new baby…

A friend of mine very recently had a baby, and as I only met her once our boys were several months old, and as a result hadn’t made a gift on the birth of her first son, I thought I’d make a gift that commemorated both he boys. So, the two pictures above are of the two sides of one ornament, each side with the initial of one of her sons.

It’s worth mentioning that my two-year-old son actually sat on my knee and “helped” by pulling the needle through the fabric for me and we had a grand old time together. 🙂