A bee in my bonnet – cinema etiquette

One of the things I hate about going to the cinema is the other people who are so inconsiderate.

We get everything – people texting or chatting on their phones, talking throughout the film, coming into the screen late and then pushing past you to get to their seat (which is ALWAYS in the middle of MY row – why is that?!), people kicking the back of your seat, couples snogging and groping inappropriately in a showing of a children’s film, and others eating really noisily whilst rustling the packets.

I’ve only taken my 3-year-old to see three films in the cinema so far and he has behaved impeccably. He seats quietly, doesn’t kick the seat or run about, and I always give him his snacks in a small tub that won’t rustle (usually things like yoghurt raisins and other soft snacks – silent food – bliss!). If a small child can behave well, why can’t the adults?

As for politely asking people to pipe down – you’re likely to get a tirade of abuse which causes even more of a disturbance than they were creating in the first place and everyone blames you for antagonizing the cretin who needed to be sushed in the first place. Gone are the days of mutual respect and cinema etiquette, and that’s a very sad thing indeed.

Have you borne the brunt of a cinema cretin, or suffered in silence while they ruined the experience for you? How do you deal with it? I’d love to know.

5 responses to “A bee in my bonnet – cinema etiquette

  1. If I’m with my husband and there’s someone particularly annoying then he will often turn around and tell them to be quiet. Since he has an intimidating presence, that usually works for the rest of the movie. When I was by myself I was less certain of my ability to shush anyone, so I try to ignore it. I suffered in silence all throughout the latest Twilight movie (there with a friend) while another person basically annoyed the whole theatre with her continued noise. She clearly could not be silent. She had a pop can with her, ate chips, commented back at the screen, it was so very annoying. That’s my worst experience.

  2. We have experienced everything from teens talking a giggling in the back row to a woman/man next to us sleeping and snoring. We never said anything as most of the time the movie it loud enough to not stress it, though it has cut down on our movie watching since it costs and arm and a leg to go. :-/

  3. I usually suffer in silence – mainly just because I’m the kind of person who can usually tune-out or ignore just about anything. But I have to say that generally I’ve never been in a situation that was as bad as any you describe.
    Theaters here have been running commercials before the movie telling people to silence their phones, not text or talk, etc, for years, and for the most part I think people respect that…Partly because most theaters will remove people for being to loud or distracting to other patrons, or for using their phones.
    Bob cannot ignore as easily as I do though, so he usually gives people the silent stare, which, if the theater is light enough for the disturber to see, is somewhat terrifying and usually takes care of the problem.

    • It takes something phenomenal to get the cinema staff to throw anyone out of a showing over here. I’ve actually complained mutiple times in a single showing about the same people and STILL had nothing done about it, much to my anger and dispair. 😦

  4. I just hit the person every time they make a noise or do something stupid.