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Which non-series book would you most like to read the sequel to?
Do you have any wishes for what might happen in it?

The Stand by Stephen King! And here’s why…

If you’ve not read this novel,
there are spoilers below this point!

Where do Stu, Frannie and Peter end up? What happens to Tom Cullen on his return?

Randall Flag – he’s out there somewhere too. Is he starting again from scratch and building up another legion of followers?

And what about Frannie and Stu’s new baby (on the way at the end of the novel)? Will he grow up to be another guiding light? Another Mother Abigail?

In many ways, I would love King to write a sequel answering these questions and more, but I also worry it might ruin things for me if he ever did…

12 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – More!

  1. Oh, I haven’t read that one in years! Will have to do a re-read at some point.

  2. You know, I’ve never actually read a Stephen King novel. I don’t know if I could but people are always raving about them. Sounds like a lot of questions, sometimes it’s best to imagine them yourself. It’s more fun that way hehe. Here’s my BTT.

  3. Kristin@BloodSweatandBooks

    I LOVE the stand it is such a great book. I know they aren’t sequels but aren’t some of the characters referenced in other works or is that just the Randal Flag character. Great choice!
    My BTT

  4. I enjoyed The Stand so much that the thought of a sequel makes me nervous.

    Part of me says, sure. But part of me says that King is so good at creating new characters and stories that I’d hate to lose one of those for a sequel.

    I have to admit I’m nervous for his Shining sequel.

  5. Definitely a good choice, but I think you may be right about a sequel possibly ruining it.

  6. Yes, it’s like opening Pandora’s Box, isn’t it? Messing with something that is so good already….but our curiosity wins out, at times.


  7. I haven’t read any Stephen King! I know horrible of me, but I just haven’t gotten around to it! Here’s my BTT.

  8. This is a Stephen King book I’ve been dying to read! Great choice!

    Here’s mine:

  9. LOVE this book!!! It’s one of my all time favorites! It was also my choice for World Book Night book!! And I’d LOVE to read a sequel too!!!

  10. I really think there’s too many sequels out there 🙂