X-Stitching Xmas 2012 – March Update

Hello, my fellow Xmas X-stitchers,
And welcome to the third monthly update!

And so we march into March! Whereon earth is the time going? I hope you’ve all been busily stitching your Xmas and winter projects, ready to share them all with the rest of us!

I managed to get a little work done on my Winter Quaker Bookmark. Unfortunately, I have now realised the piece of fabric on which I am stitching it is a little too short for the entire design, so I shall have to modify it a little. Still, I’m rather pleased with how it’s coming along. It’s stitched on white 14-count aida in Venus M-018, which is a variegated floss with muted shades of purple – it looks rather wintery and I’m enjoying the effect as I’m stitching it.

I’m still working on a big commission, so I’ve only done a teensy bit of work on this project, but the commission will be finished by the end of March and I will be able to concentrate on my own stitching for a while after that.

Don’t forget to check back the first Saturday of April (7th April) for another update post.

I hope all my fellow challengers will post a comment linking to their own progress so we can
cheer each other on.

Please link directly to your progress post, not to your blog homepage

Happy stitching!

16 responses to “X-Stitching Xmas 2012 – March Update

  1. It is very nice purple color on that thread indeed, the bookmark will be beautiful and love the wintery feeling in it. 🙂

    I’ll be posting late again, will post my link tomorrow.

    (PS. I think 37th April may be a wrong date for first Saturday of April. 😉 😉 )

  2. sorry i dont know how to link or anything,but love your bookmarker and your book reviews.reading history of a pleasure seeker and like it so far.have you read the kitchen daughter by jael mchenry?

  3. I finished stitching another Christmas ornament for my tree, but haven’t actually “finished” it with fabric and ribbon yet! New post on my blog!
    It’s nice to hear you’re working on a big commission project!

  4. I started a christmas picture – And To All A Night by Prairie Schooler – http://bengalcatlover10.blogspot.com/2012/02/and-winners-are.html
    I also stitched a little ornament –

  5. Here is my update for March. But I don’t know how I will finish it yet…


  6. Love the bookmark btw Kell, and nice catch Ulrika on the date. 🙂

  7. a few days late in posting (sorry). My update is http://claire93.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/xmas-xstitch-challenge-march/