The Oscars 2012

Ah, the Oscars! The most eagerly anticipated movie awards ceremony of the year. We’ve already had the BAFTAs and various others, but when it comes to coveting an ornament saying “You’re brilliant at what you do in the film industry,” it’s that golden statuette that stands head and shoulders about the rest. (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t resist the terrible pun!)

So, here are the categories with who I would like to win each award along with who I think will win them. Where the titles are highlighted, you can click on the links to be taken either to my review or my husband’s where I haven’t written one (of course, some we haven’t reviewed at all!). I’ve not included the documentary and animated short categories, as I have not seen any of the nominations and have no opinions on them:

The Technical Wizardry

Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing:
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
is my favourite for both these categories and the one I think most likely to win.

Best Visual Effects:
In a perfect world, this would go to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Then again, in a perfect world, Andy Serkis would also have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in this film, but he was sadly overlooked despite his stunning work. However, it will most likely go to the overblown Hugo.

Best Cinematography:
I think The Artist will win it, and rightly so!

Best Editing:
I’d like to see this one go to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as it was so slick, and I thin kit stands a decent chance of winning it too. If it doesn’t, it will be The Artist .

Best Art Direction:
This one might go to Hugo, though I hope it will not. I’d prefer The Artist to take this one too.

The Behind the Scenes Artistry Awards

Best Costume Design:
I’d love it if Anonymous could win this, but it won’t. It will most likely go to my second favourite choice for the award, The Artist which wouldn’t make me unhappy.

Best Makeup:
This is a toss-up between The Iron Lady and Albert Nobbs. I’ve not seen the latter, but I’d like to see the former scoop it as Streep looked uncannily like Thatcher!

Best Original Score:
Another one in the bag for The Artist but I’d love to see The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn take this category, and not just because it’s the only nomination it got. The score is rousing and wonderful.

Best Original Song:
Does anyone doubt this will go to The Muppets for “Man or Muppet”? I’ve not heard the only other nomination, but this is a fantastic song and as The Muppets didn’t get to host the Oscars (instead, Billy Crystal makes a welcome return to host duties) I’d love to see if Kermit and co come to pick up the prize in person!

Writing and Animation:

Best Original Screenplay:
Again, I think The Artist will grab this award, which may be surprising for a film that has next to no dialogue, but it achieved so much with this daring step away from the norm that it really deserves recognition of the work that must have gone into scripting it.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
I desperately want either The Descendents or Moneyball to win this category, but I suspect it will go to Hugo, which in my opinion, is undeserved.

Best Animated Feature:
I’m horrified that The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn wasn’t nominated in this category! I’ve only seen Rango and Puss In Boots , and I wasn’t particularly impressed with either. However, I think Rango will win.

The Big Six

Best Supporting Actor:
Max von Sydow is my favourite to win this for his part in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and I believe he will – he manages to inject so much pathos into a role that involves no spoken words is amazing. He truly deserves the award!

Best Supporting Actress:
I have a horrid suspicion that The Help could sneak this one with the dual nominations of Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain (although of the two, I think Spencer would win), however I hope that Berenice Bejo will win out for The Artist. As she’s more a co-star to Dujardin than a support, she should really have been in the Best Actress category, but given the competition for that spot this year, she’s probably heaving a sigh of relief that she’s up for Best Supporting Actress instead. She’s the most deserving of the nominees in this category and with The Artist standing firm favourite at almost all the awards, I think she’ll be taking Oscar home with her.

Best Actor:
This one will surely go to Jean Dujardin for his role as George Valentin in The Artist. Despite loving George Clooney’s performance in The Descendents, I think Dujardin deserves it this year.

Best Actress:
I think it’s fair to say that Meryl Streep stands the best chance of this award for nailing Thatcher in The Iron Lady, however Viola Davies is hot on her heels for The Help Personally, I feel Davies’ nomination is unwarranted as it’s essentially a surprisingly disappointing chick flick. I would have loved to see Michelle Williams win it for My Week With Marilyn, but given that she’s up against Streep, she won’t win it, however much it’s deserved.

Best Director:
This one is almost certainly going to Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist, and of the nominations he’s the one I hope will win.

Best Motion Picture:
I would love it if Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close would take this one home, but I think The Artist will scoop the statue; I wouldn’t blame the judges for choosing it either, as it really is stunning.

So, that’s how I think it will go and how I wish it would turn out. Which films do you think will be the big winners tomorrow night? And which were your favourites of the films nominated in each category?

You can see if my hubby agrees with my choices HERE.


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  1. Streep no longer the fave to get the gong. It looks like Davis is getting that according to the bookies. Stranger things have happened though – Marissa Tomei anyone?