A problem with commenting on other blogs…

I take part in a handful of book-related memes and part of the fun in that is visiting the other participating blogs, reading what is there, and leaving a friendly comment behind me. Unfortunately, of late, I’ve found I have a problem with many of the blogs hosted on Blogger.

The problem occurs when I try to leave a comment and am asked to enter a Captcha code. I enter the combination of letters and numbers as shown, but no matter how careful and precise I am, it tells me I have entered them incorrectly and then offers me a different combination. I then try again and get the same result. This means I cannot leave comments on these blogs, which saddens me because on many occasions these have been the blog posts on which I’ve most wanted to comment.

I have no idea why this problem has suddenly cropped up. It never used to happen – it’s only been over the course of the last week or so – but as approximately half the blogs that take part in these memes are Blogger blogs, and approximately two-thirds of these ask me for a Captcha code which then tells me I’m incorrectly entering the information, it means there are quite a lot of posts where I’ve been unable to comment.

So this is my open apology to the owners of these blogs – I desperately wanted to leave a comment on your excellent blog post, but I was unable.

I shall continue trying to find a solution to this problem, but at present I do not know what it is.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know the solution? If so, I’d love it if you would divulge the answer in the comments below!

ETA: I use OpenID when leaving comments on Blogger blogs, as I do not have a Google address. I mention this because several of the suggestions made in the comments are regarding using that…

It’s also happening on some Blogger blogs that DON’T use Captcha codes. I use the drop down menu provided on the “Comment as” bit and then hit “post” but it doesn’t do anything, even on blogs where I have regularly commented in the past. Sunny, yours is one of the blogs where this happens, so please don’t think I’m ignoring your blog – I’m not, I just can’t comment. 😦


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  1. I’ve been having exactly the same problem.
    I think it is related to wordpress and not Blogger though. Instead of selecting to leave a comment as wordpress, however, you can get round the problem by clicking on OpenID and then pasting your wordpress address in the URL link – that’s what I’ve been doing and it seems to work.

  2. Switching to OpenID has worked for me too when this has happened. Sometimes I’ve also used the name/website-option if the blog has one.

  3. Christy Farmer

    I am not having any problems commenting on blogger, as mostraum said, OpenID, etc can be used.

    Having said that, “captchas” can really discourage comments and many of my blogger friends turn those off. Hope that helps.

  4. It isn’t just you. I have gotten to where I just don’t comment much on blogger blogs anymore for the same reason. Even with an OpenID it will error out more times than not. I think it has to do with the Captcha and here lately Google has been changing a few things around (they own Blogger) so they may have somewhat broken something if it has only been happening lately.

    Honestly, unless you get a HUGE amount of crazy spam/porn comments I don’t feel captcha is necessary. It is really just to make sure you are a person. I know a guy who has a self-hosted WordPress blog and he HAS to have captcha on his else his spam box blows up with all the crazy.

  5. I can’t comment on Blogger sites no matter what. If I try to use OpenID, I have the Captcha problem. If I try to use a Google ID, it instead sends me to the Blogger sign-up page, where it insists I must sign up for a Blogger blog before I can proceed. If I try to do the “other” version, I press the button and nothing happens at all.

    I don’t know. It’s very frustrating. Several IRL friends have Blogger blogs and I’d like very much to support them with comments.

  6. maybe the person has their blog set to not receive comments or even to need to approve the comments and its not telling you …idk I’ve never had an issue commenting on any blogs…but then I have a google address and a blogger acct. so maybe thats why. I hope it gets fixed though…did you send an email to blogger?

  7. Kell – A week or two ago Blogger updated their comment system to use threaded comments, which is fantastic, but I wonder if that is what is causing the problem? It shouldn’t be the captcha code stuff by itself, as I am pretty sure I have that turned off, but I wonder if it’s something to do with their new comment system. I haven’t found any reports of issues yet but I’ll keep looking…

  8. I’ve found exactly the same problem and have found a way round it that works for me. Instead of replying as Open Id WordPress, I reply as Open Id Name/URL and fill in my URL as my wordpress web address. Try it and let me know if it works for you 🙂

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