Booking Through Thursday – Skipping

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Do you skip ahead in a book?
Do you feel badly about it when you do?

I don’t tend to skip ahead in books unless I’m re-reading them and have come to a part of which I’m not so fond. I don’t do much rereading these days, so the skipping is reduced even further. On those rare occasions when I skip ahead, I don’t feel guilty or even remotely bad about it, because I’ve already read it at least once before. If I found myself skipping ahead on a first read, I’d be questioning whether I was actually enjoying the book. If the answer is negative, I ditch the whole book. If it’s positive, then I continue reading without skipping.


11 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Skipping

  1. i also don’t skip any chapters…unless i am re-reading too. After i finish with a book, i then can conclude which part i like and which part i dislike… and those are the parts i skip. lol but if it is a new book i do read it chapter by chapter no skipping.

  2. Skip or don’t skip, only you know so truly no need to feel guilty.

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  3. My example was about battle scenes…but I don’t usually read books with those kinds of themes. And then I might just skim.

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  4. Very sensible approach! Mine is far less sensible I’m afraid haha, I’d love to skip (or ditch books) but I hate ditching, and feel guilty skipping!

  5. I don’t feel guilty about it, but I try not to do it. There are some times I’m invested enough to want to know how it all turns out but not enough to take the journey there.

  6. I don’t feel guilty either.
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  7. ditching sounds like a good idea in such cases!!! 🙂 Not that it’s that easy for me, on occasion….

  8. readytoreadthis

    Haha I find that i always turn to the back page to ‘find out how many pages the book has’ but feel my eyes drift towards the last paragraph.. I then feel bad and think ive ruined the book for myself.. although chances are the end never makes sense until i get there!

  9. Wow! It’s nice you don’t always do skipping. Anyway thanks for stopping by!

  10. Most rereading I do are the read-for-fun books and those I need/have to read. With you on your reason for ditching a whole book 🙂