X-Stitching Xmas 2012 – January Update

Hello, my fellow Xmas X-stitchers,
and welcome to the first monthly update!

So, have you all started your stitching? I know one fellow challenger has finished a piece already! I haven’t got quite so far as that yet…

I have several WIPs which I’m incorporating into this challenge, so I thought I’d share three of them this month.

The first is the Blue Bauble (freebie design at Kincavel Krosses HERE). As you can see, it’s not far from completion – just the top of the bauble and the beads to be added, then all I have to do is finish it as an ornament for my tree.

I think I’ll back it in blue felt and attach a blue ribbon to hang it. I’m hopeful it will turn out very prettily!

Next is Oh, Christmas Tree! (freebie design at Kincavel Krosses HERE). Again, this one is quite far along and I have only to stitch the star on top and add the beads.

I think I might finish this one as a hanging. It’s too big for a card or tree ornament, but it might look nice hanging on the door…

Finally, there is the Winter Quaker Bookmark (freebie design at Kincavel Krosses HERE). As you can see, I haven’t done very much of this one yet – just one of the five snowflakes.

I’m not sure I’ll use it as a bookmark though – I may turn it into a bell pull style ornament to display over the festive period. We shall see!

Don’t forget to check back the first Saturday of February (4th February) for another update post.

I hope all my fellow challengers will post a comment linking to their own progress so we can
cheer each other on.

Please link directly to your progress post, not to your blog homepage

Happy stitching!

21 responses to “X-Stitching Xmas 2012 – January Update

  1. Hi,

    Great progress.

    Here is a link to my progress page on my blog:


    and this links to today’s post:

    Thanks for hosting this SAL.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

    • I don’t have a gmail address, so I can’t comment directly on your blog, Kaye. However, I just wanted to tell you I love the colours you’re using on your Believe projects – so very pretty! Looking forward to catching up with you again next month. 🙂

  2. Excuse me ! I am not ready this mounth in february I will be ok ! (excuse me for my english, it is an old remenber) Cath

    • That’s OK, you can post late and link back. Even if it’s just a few words saying what you intend to stitch and maybe some of the fabrics or threads yo uplan to use – we’re al interested! 🙂

  3. Hello. I’ve been busy all day and almost forgot it is Saturday! Oops! I have almost finished my item for this month, but it is so dark I cannot get a decent photo of it so I’ll update my blog tomorrow insted.

    Kell, your stitching looks great, and I suppose we soon will se some finishes! The color on the bookmark is just beautiful.


  4. Here is the link for the very pitiful start on my first ornament.



  5. I finished my first ornament on Saturday! Here is a link to my post on my blog: http://debbiescrossstitch.blogspot.com/2012/01/day-7-first-love-wedding-record-and.html

    and a link to the page on my blog where I will eventually post all 12 Christmas finishes: http://debbiescrossstitch.blogspot.com/p/x-stitching-christmas-challenge-2012.html


  6. Here is my ornie. I think we all know who the designer of the chart is. 😉

    And, btw, I write on swedish in my blog, sorry.

  7. I’m hoping to finish some WIPs for Xmas this year too. Here’s a link to my post. http://ottoplace.com/tiffstitch/9-angelic-melody-update-and-xmas-xstitching-challenge

    • I love the colours you’re using for the 2012 sampler – and you’re the first I’ve spotted stitching it too. 🙂 I also have plans to stitch the Tree of Stitches at some point. 😉

  8. oops forgot to leave my link-back ^^

    jave printed out about half a dozen xmas themed charts (including some of yours ) to keep me going through to the summer

  9. Finally got my January one finished. Yes, it’s February, but better late than never!
    Here’s a link to it:


    Now for the next one.