Needlecraft Haven Advent Exchange – Days 19 to 25

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The final update from my Needlecraft Haven Advent Exchange. All my lovely gifts are now opened and I love them all. A HUGE thank you to my sender!

Day 19 – Soap in a pretty tin
Day 20 – Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silk in Tea Tree
Day 21 – Aero chocolate tree
Day 22 – A bejewelled hand mirror
Day 23 – Strawberry lip balm
Day 24 – My Big Toe marking pins
Day 25 – Hardanger initiation sampler kit

I am absolutely blown away by my final gift. I’ve been hankering after giving hardanger a try for a long time, but have never managed to get up the guts to do it and cut through the fabric (I’m so scared I’ll ruin the whole thing!). This, however, looks to be suitable for even the most terrified of hardanger newbies, and I shall look forward to stitching it.


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