Kid-Speak Sunday

Being a Mum is the best job in the world and sometimes there’s the added bonus of hearing your kids come out with an absolute gem…

Xan turned three in September and this is the first year he’s really understood about Christmas and Santa Claus (although he’s still not awfully sure about a strange man creeping around in our flat at night, even if he is leaving gifts!), and is getting a little excited about it. He’s even, when pushed, told us he’d like some bridges for his trains (four bridges, to be exact), and some more trains and cars.

Recently we subjected him to The Snowman and A Muppet Christmas Carol, both of which he loved, and he’s been singing along to Jingle Bells and also that Shakin’ Stevens classic, Merry Christmas, Everyone, but even without all that, it’s been lovely seeing just how big his Christmas spirit is.

In early December, he decided all on his own to start saying “Merry Christmas!” to people – mostly to the bus drivers and to family members on the telephone, but he would just come out with it without any prompting. One occasion about a week ago was particularly memorable…

We’d been into town to collect a few last-minute things and were on the bus to go home. We reached our stop and were standing at the front. When the bus stopped and the door opened, he turned and said,

Thank you, Driver. Merry Christmas.
Oh, and merry Christmas, everybody!

I was so surprised I nearly fell off the bus! My little boy, who usually won’t even look at people he doesn’t know, turned round and wished everyone on the bus a merry Christmas!

The best bit was, when we got off the driver waved as he drove away. So did everybody else on the bus. Xan’s little face just lit up and he waved like mad, shouting, “Merry Christmas, everybody!” over and over till the bus was out of sight.

So, from me, from hubba-hubba-hubby, and from our lovely boy, Xander,

Merry Christmas, everybody!

What did your kid say lately?

One response to “Kid-Speak Sunday

  1. That’s amazing! I hope Xander and you and the rest of your family had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day too!