Day 10 – Gremlins

Today is a special day, because today’s movie is actually my favourite festive film of ALL TIME.

Gremlins (1984) is just one of those films that hits every spot on my Christmas-Enjoyment-Ometer:

Does it have snow? Check!

Does it have cute furry animals? Check!

Does it have the family element? Check!

Does it have a little romance? Check!

Does it have a terrible tale detailing how family tragedy led to her not believing in Santa Claus any more? Oh, yes it does!

And is there anyone, anywhere who was alive in the 80s who doesn’t know what the rules are for taking care of a Mogwai?

  1. Do NOT expose them to bright light.
  2. Do NOT get them wet.
  3. Absolutely positively DO NOT let them eat after midnight!

Everyone I knew wanted a Mogwai even more than they’d ever wanted a puppy, but every parent knows how unwise giving such a pet for Christmas would be!

Watch the trailer and see…

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