Cover Crazy – The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale

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What I Love:
The chimpanzee looking almost like he’s begging us not to look at him whilst holding out an apple (fobidden fruit?); the painted chimp on the wall behind him seemingly reaching to take the apple from him. This ape seems to exude very human emotions which makes my heart ache and wonder what’s bothering him so much. I alos love the abstract art behind him, which is unusual as I usually hate modern abstract works.

I’ve not read this book, but I found it last week on my blog trekking and popped it into my Friday Finds.


Bruno Littlemore; linguist, artist, philosopher. A life defined by a soaring mind, yet bound by a restrictive body. Born in down-town Chicago, Bruno’s precocity pulls him from an unremarkable childhood, and under the tuition of Lydia, his intellect dazzles a watching world. But when falls in love with his mentor, the world turns on them with outrage: Bruno is striving to be something he is not, and denying everything that he is. For despite his all too human complexities, dreams and frailties, Bruno’s hairy body, flattened nose and jutting brow are, undeniably, the features of a chimpanzee.

Like its protagonist, this novel is big, abrasive, witty, perverse, earnest and accomplished. The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore goes beyond satire by showing us not what it means, but what it feels like be human – to love and lose, learn, aspire, grasp, and, in the end, to fail.

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  1. Aww it sounds so good and heart breaking. It is a very humanly type of cover. Nice choice! Thanks for stopping by 🙂