Kid-Speak Sunday

Being a Mum is the best job in the world and sometimes there’s the added bonus of hearing your kids come out with an absolute gem…

Every parent knows that when you have kids, your privacy goes out the window. You can no longer have a few minutes to yourself to have a cuppa, never mind soak in the bathtub or, heaven forbid, go to the bathroom alone. No, wherever you go, your mini version will follow, or will sit howling and pounding on the door till you open it and let them in. It’s easier to avoid that bit and just let them in with you in the first place.

But when it comes to privacy, some kids have funny ideas about it – you’re not allowed to do things alone, but if they want it, they’re very vocal on the subject.

Xander’s latest thing is to disappear into his bedroom and strip off all his clothes, but imagine our surprise with hubba-hubba-hubby went through to check on our suspiciously silent son to find he wasn’t in his room at all. A little investigation found him in the bathroom, buck-nekkid and sitting on the toilet. And what did he say to his startled Daddy?

“I just want a poo in peace!”

We nearly fell over laughing at the irony of it all.

What did your kid say lately?


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