Day 3 – Scrooged

It’s day three, and after a day of action and one of fear, I thought I’d give everyone a laugh with a comedy.

Scrooged (1988) showcases Bill Murray’s comedy genius with a modernised version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. When it comes to playing sarcasm and cynicism, you can’t beat Bill Murray – he’s straight and zany at the same time, which is a difficult combination to pull off with aplomb! Here we see him as a TV executive completely devoid of Christmas Spirit – till he’s visited by three of them.

We also have the superb Robert Mitchum in a small role, adding real class to this fine festive fare.

Watch the trailer and tell me if you can keep from laughing! (And wouldn’t you just love to see The Night the Reindeer Died starring Lee majors? That would be awesome!)

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4 responses to “Day 3 – Scrooged

  1. Another GREAT choice!!
    My boyfriend has been collecting different versions of A Christmas Carol for years, but had never seen Scrooged until I forced him to watch it last year – and now he loves it! His (and mine too) favorite part is Carol Kane – she’s a riot!

  2. Great pick Kell! I was hoping you’d choose this as one of your 12. Thanks for the tip on yesterday’s too, I’ll have to try and find that one somewhere.