Day 2 – Rare Exports

It’s time for another seasonal film, and this one actually features Santa – although you may not recognise him! Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice and he doesn’t give a damn!

In Rare Exports (2010) Santa is a terrifying being hunted for export by experts in Finland. This is a nightmare version of what might be. After watching this film, everyone will believe in Santa – and they’ll cower under the covers worrying if he’ll be coming to town.

This brilliantly innovative film comes straight from Finland – the Finnish are surely the people who know the jolly man in red best, so it’s probably a good idea to trust their judgement when they say we’ve been lied to all this time…

Here’s the trailer so you can judge for yourselves!

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2 responses to “Day 2 – Rare Exports

  1. OMG! Sounds kinda awesome!!