Day 1 – Die Hard

Welcome to Kell’s Twelve Movies of Christmas – Lights! Camera! Action!

My first choice isn’t actually a traditional festive film, although the action all takes place at a fancy company Christmas Eve party at the Nakatomi Plaza. Of course, I speak of none other than Die Hard (1988).

It was the film that introduced us to John McLane of the NYPD – a man not on police duty, but on personal business as he tries to resucitate his dying marriage.  The best laid plans and all that – if things had gone smoothly, we would have missed Bruce Willis in a dirty once-white vest raining down mayhem on the heads of henchmen. It also kick-started one of the best-loved action franchises the world has ever known.

So here is the trailer for Die Hard – watch with pleasure! Marvel at how young Brice Willis looks! Wonder at the fact that he had that receeding hairline even back then! (Although I concede he had a little more on top at the time.)

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2 responses to “Day 1 – Die Hard

  1. Great choice – and one of my favorites as well! Watching Die Hard at any time of the year is a treat, but it’s a little extra special at Christmas time, right?!