Kid-speak Sunday

Being a Mum is the best job in the world and sometimes there’s the added bonus of hearing your kids come out with an absolute gem…

The festive season is fast approaching and although as I type this I am all sorted in the gift shopping and wrapping department, we have started to tentatively approach the subject of Santa Claus with Xander who, at three-years-old, is now getting to an age where he might start to understand such things. So far he shown more than a little apprehension at the thought of a strange man creeping into our home while we’re all sleeping (which is fair enough, really), but all year he’s said he would really like some bridges for his train set.

Anyway, a short while ago, I thought I’d check if there was anything he desperately wanted that was within our means, and asked him what gifts he would like for Christmas. He replied, “Nothing.” When I asked him why he wanted nothing, he simply stated,

“I don’t need any new stuff – I like my old stuff!”

At first I was quite shocked, but then I got thinking about it. How many times do we upgrade an item to a newer model, even though the one we have already is in perfect working order? How often do we buy things just for the sake of buying them? The latest gadgets are our toys as adults, and we just have to keep getting the newer, bigger (or smaller!), better, all new and improved version. Why can’t we be happy with what we have already?

Looking around me, I see that we have loads of lovely things. We might not have the biggest flat-screen TV, or iPad and iPhone, but we have an abundance of the things that really matter – time together as a family, love, laughter, hugs and kisses – those are the things no amount of money can buy. I wouldn’t trade them for material goods – not even if you paid me a million quid!

So, like Xander, I will strive to be happy with the things we DO have and not worry about anything else. After all, we have it pretty good as things are!

What did your kid say lately?

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