Tuesday Tunes – Manly Music

Tuesday Tunes is a music meme hosted by Dale at Smurfin’ the Web.

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Many Tunes
Songs that have men’s names in the title.

I’ll kick off with the fun Call Me Al by Paul Simon. Featuring Chevy Chase in the video was a stroke of genius. I don’t usually like Mr Chase, but he was perfect for lip synching in this video, which I bet was a hoot to make!

Second in my list is another fun one with Thunderbirds-style puppets of the band performing (and some Thunderbirds action too!). The video for Calling Elvis by Dire Straits is a blend of live action and puppet animation…

Next we move onto the smooth sound of Hot Chocolate and their track Brother Louie. It tells the sad tale of a mixed race couple whose families are dead set against them being together…

Finally, I’ll leave you with Major Tom – originally recorded by Peter Schilling in 1983, I prefer th ecover version by Shiny Toy Guns. It’s the other side of the story given in David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Here are Shiny Toy Guns performing it live…



2 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – Manly Music

  1. Excellent choices hun =)

  2. OMG!! Call Me Al used to be one of my favorite songs, but I never saw the video – that’s hilarious!! I forgot just how much fun the song was to listen to – it’s impossible not to chair-dance while it’s playing! ;o)