Movie Mondays – What’s the Story?

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This week’s topic is… What’s the Story? (Movies that feature books – NOT movies that are adapted from books!)

I’ll start with one of my favourites, which is also a film that Xander loves – Inkheart. I know Dale wanted to use this one, but I called dibs on it first! Cornelia Funke wrote the character of Mo with Brendan Fraser in mind, so when he accepted the role in the film, she (and all his fans!) were delighted. There are some changes to the plot from the book, but that’s to be expected and it does keep to the spirit of the source material. Anyway, this one is about people who have the ability to read characters out of books and it’s wonderful!

Next up is from the other end of the movie spectrum. In one fell swoop I go from children’s fantasy to comedy horror with Army of Darkness, the third Evil Dead film starring the iconic Bruce Campbell. Ash is accidentally transported to 1300AD, where he must battle the Medieval dead (did you see what I did there?) and find the Necronomicon (the skin-bound Book of the Dead) in order to return home.  It has spade loads of dark comedy and Ash has a chainsaw instead of a right hand. What’s not to love?

My final choice is a little more highbrow compared to the others and was an Oscar winner in 2008. I speak of none other than The Reader, starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. It’s the story of a young German boy who reads to (and has a relationship with) an older woman who turns out to be a Nazi war criminal. He has difficulty reconciling the woman he knew as a boy with the woman in court accused of being party to atrocities.

All three of these films are great in their own right and all are very different. Each of them features books in a different way, but all are integral to the plot.


2 responses to “Movie Mondays – What’s the Story?

  1. Comedy horror? I didn’t even know that such a genre existed. Then again, I suppose those Scary Movie films would fit into this category, right? Since they aren’t scary, I’m not so sure, so I have to ask. The Reader is on my to-watch list, along with other films with similar, simple titles. The rental section goes like this:

    The Machinist,
    The Pianist,
    The Others (although I already saw this movie but I want to watch it again…for what reason, I totally forget, but here’s hoping that the memory will come to me before the DVD does),
    The English Patient,
    The Wrestler,
    and now….
    The Reader!

    After I watched “The Fighter” earlier this summer, I’m slowly moving down the list.