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Buy Nothing Day UK 2011
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If you worry that consumerism equals a whole load of waste that damages the environment, you might be interested to hear about Buy Nothing Day. It’s the simplest concept in the world; for one day only don’t buy anything. It’s easy – you just don’t go to the shops, you don’t spend any money, you don’t come home with a load of new stuff. For one day you’ll be saving your money and saving the environment, because if you’re not spending money, chances are you’re not going to use the car to go to the shops (saving on petrol and its damaging effect) and you’re not bringing home a lot of packaging that will be going into the waste.

Even if you do go out, there are LOADS of ways to not spend money. Here are just a few:

  • Don’t get on the bus or use the car – go for a walk instead
  • Don’t go to the pub – invite your friends round for drinks instead
  • Don’t go out to a restaurant – have a home-cooked meal instead
  • Don’t buy a new outfit – swap an outfit with a friend (or have a swap-meet with loads of friends and get several new outfits for free!)
  • Check out what’s available for FREE near you – visit museums and art galleries, or if it’s a nice day, go to the park and have a kick-about with a ball

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  1. I like the sound of this!