Top Ten… Authors I Would Invite to Dinner

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The Top Ten authors I would invite to dinner are:

  1. Terry Pratchett – I love his wit and his satirical view of the world. He’d have everyone in stitches. He’s also rather philosophical and I’d love to discuss his views on the right to die with dignity as I know it’s a subject about which he feels very strongly.
  2. Stuart MacBride – he’s actually quite local to me and is so nice he might actually come if asked! I’d love to quiz him on his research methods. He was very interesting at our book group a few years back and such an all-round nice guy it’s hard to believe he comes out with such gruesome murders in his books!
  3. Brom – his artwork is so stunning, so dark and beautiful, that I couldn’t help but include him on my list. His prose is just as beautiful, so he’s multi-talented.
  4. Kelley Armstrong – I adore her Women of the Otherworld books and she’d add a little balance to the entirely male list as it stands to this point. I’d love to talk about the role of strong female characters in modern literature.
  5. Philippa Gregory – her historical novels are so brilliant and really bring the past to life. I’d love to talk about how women have quietly supported the men-folk in the past and how that translates into women of power today.
  6. Simon Scarrow – another writer of historical fiction whose Roman series is phenomenal. The Roman Empire is something I find fascinating, so the chance to chatter about life in ancient Rome would be impossible to pass up!
  7. Oscar Wilde – well, who wouldn’t want such a witty raconteur round for dinner? I suspect that with his manners and intellect, the dinner conversation would be both humourous and thoughtful.
  8. William Shakespeare – his use of language is so beautiful I would have to include him on my wish-list. I’m afraid I would become something of a quivering wreck in his presence as I admire his work so much.
  9. Jane Austen – she would simply sparkle in any set of polite company. Her views on polite society and a woman’s role in it would be interesting – I’d love to hear what she thinks of modern society and whether she feels much has changed since her time.
  10. The Brontë Sisters – I know it’s cheating a little to include Anne, Charlotte and Emily all together, but I couldn’t invite one and not the others. Besides, they all have such distinct styles they would set a wonderful balance to the evening. Their ideas on love, passion and duty would be interesting to hear

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39 responses to “Top Ten… Authors I Would Invite to Dinner

  1. Wow! That’s quite a list. I, too, thought of Terry Pratchett–but only AFTER my post was already up. I just want to sit and talk to him for hours about the Nac Mac Feegles, who I just adore and think they’re some of the most awesome non-human characters ever!

  2. Great list! I only included Charlotte, now I feel bad I left Emily & Anne off!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. The Bronte sisters. Great choice.

  4. i guess william shakespeare and emily bronte will be making the rounds that day!

  5. Thanks for stopping by at my blog – and Jane Austen is coming to MY feast 😉 … But you’re more than welcome to join us!

    Anne (from Living in a Fairy World)

  6. Ooh fantastic list – I wish I had put Kelley Armstrong on mine too. Good thing I didn’t invite the authors of the classics – they seem to be super busy this holiday season 🙂

  7. Kelley Armstrong was in the running for my top ten and I wish I thought about adding Jane Austen! I love her and her books!

    Great Choices!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    -Kate @ Nomalicious Reads

  8. Great list! Oscar Wilde would be a hoot and I wonder if Shakespeare would reply … did he or didn’t he?

  9. Ohh Oscar Wilde!! In top 10 I always kind of forget about classic authors 😛
    Nice pick!

    thanks for stopping by! 🙂
    nea barabea

  10. I have Terry Pratchett and Kelley Armstrong on my list too! I think they’d be great to talk to.

    My top ten is here if you’d like a look 🙂

  11. You cannot go wrong with Austen, Shakespeare and the Bronte sisters!

  12. I completely forgot about people like Shakespeare. He’d be fascinating to meet in person!

  13. Love your list. I would be honored to share Ms Armstrong with you. Heck, I would ditch my party and come to your house for dinner. I’ll bring the wine.

  14. Philippa Gregory would be fun. She has such a creative mind to take an event in history and turn it into an intriguing story. All history should be taught that way.

  15. The Bronte Sisters! Also a great choice, I love Jane Eyre and I would love to have her authoress at my table.

  16. Wow, such a diverse group of people! You win the award for most well-rounded group! 🙂

  17. I love your choices! I’ll let you borrow Gaiman if I can borrow Terry Pratchett.

  18. marybethperdomo

    How on Earth did I miss William Shakespeare? Anyways, this list is amazing. Great guests.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    -Marybeth @ Manhattan Reader

  19. Awesome pick of guests! You have a great mix and I LOVE Oscar Wilde. How could I have forgotten him?

  20. Awesome list! I couldn’t decided whether to include dead authors in mine or not but went with no. If I had, I would for sure have included a few of these!

  21. thanks for visiting.. I almost had Shakespeare and the Bronte Sisters on my list as well.. am following you now.. love the post

  22. I almost put the Bronte sisters on my list as well. Great list! I bet Oscar Wilde and Philippa Gregory would provide great conversations as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  23. Ooh, Philippa Gregory would be a good addition. I look at others’ lists and think of all the awesome authors I missed in my own list…

    Thanks for visiting my top ten.

  24. Pratchett and Wilde: I love those ideas! Maybe I’ll hop by your virtual feast when mine’s come to a close!

  25. Really nice list! 🙂 I’d like to have William Shakespeare at my dinner as well.

  26. Yes, how can I not invite Shakespeare? Love the list! Thanks for stoppinng by!

  27. That is a great list. Some of them I haven’t heard of but am interested in finding out who they are……thanks for hopping by my blog today.

  28. Nice list! It would be interesting to sit with Shakespear and the Brontes and ge their take on today’s books and society.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT!

  29. I never thought of William Shakespear but then I havent read his books but I have watched the film versions and love them all

  30. Oscar Wilde for exactly those reasons! Heee what a fun dinner party THAT would be 😀

  31. Great list! Austen and the Brontes would be awesome guests!

  32. hehe thanks for stopping by. I will share King and Shakespeare with you!

  33. There are some fantastic authors on your list. A few I had not heard of so I will have to go look up their work now 🙂

  34. Oh I love the little slide show, I was going to put a few snapshots on mine but was short on time when I put it together. I’ve it heard of all these but yay for pratchett, and I’ve read Kelley Armstrongs ya books which I liked 🙂

  35. Jane Austen was on my list too – I quite adore her books.