Movie Mondays – Crazy Food

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This week’s topic is… movies that feature crazy cooks. The characters in these films may be able to whip up a good feast but they are either wackos in one way or another…or they do wacky things.

When it comes to crazy cooks, the first film that springs to mind is The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989), starring Helen Mirren and Michael Gambon.  With a tagline that reads, “Lust…Murder…Dessert. Bon Appetit! ” you know you’re in for something at least a little unusual. In this case, an entire roasted MAN! It’s an unusual film, but rather good, and of course, when you have the likes of Mirren and Gambon in a cast ,you know you’re in for a treat…

Next up is The War of the Roses (1989). Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner meet, fall in love, marry, have children and buy the house of their dreams together, but then boredom sets in. The desperate housewife turns her love of cooking into a catering business, but when her husband pushes all the wrong buttons and just goes too far, she serves up a meal to discuss their options. After eating her delicious and well-reknowned paté, he realises he doesn’t know where his faithful and much beloved dog is. Woof!

Finally, we have not a cook, but a crook. In A Fish Called Wanda (1988), Otto, played by Kevin Kline torments Ken, played by Michael Palin, by threatening to eat his prized collection of tropical fish, culminating in him swallowing each of them whole – alive and wriggling – much to the horror of the stammering Ken who can barely get his words out at the best of times. It’s certainly a way to extract information when you need it, but an incorrect answer results in “another chip up the nose,” in the distressing yet hilarious scene.


One response to “Movie Mondays – Crazy Food

  1. I like Helen Mirren and may check out that lust…murder…dessert flick 🙂 Just when I thought that War of the Roses sounded like a cruel movie…..A Fish Called Wanda reminded me of NBC’s “Fear Factor.” I feel bad for Ken and I’m not sure if I could stomach that movie.