Cover Crazy – Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

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What I love:
I adore the juxtaposition of the natural with the manufactured – the key, front and foremost, with cogs in random placement against a background of leaves and trees. The muted colour scheme is also very appealing to me – the cool blues against the black and dark grey. And that title font is just gorgeous – curved and flowing, yet sharp and pointed at the same time.


Incarceron — a futuristic prison, sealed from view, where the descendants of the original prisoners live in a dark world torn by rivalry and savagery. It is a terrifying mix of high technology — a living building which pervades the novel as an ever-watchful, ever-vengeful character, and a typical medieval torture chamber — chains, great halls, dungeons. A young prisoner, Finn, has haunting visions of an earlier life, and cannot believe he was born here and has always been here. In the outer world, Claudia, daughter of the Warden of Incarceron, is trapped in her own form of prison — a futuristic world constructed beautifully to look like a past era, an imminent marriage she dreads. She knows nothing of Incarceron, except that it exists. But there comes a moment when Finn, inside Incarceron, and Claudia, outside, simultaneously find a device — a crystal key, through which they can talk to each other. And so the plan for Finn’s escape is born !


2 responses to “Cover Crazy – Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

  1. I really like this cover! I feel that the hardcover is more striking than the paperback, so I’m glad I bought it that way. I stare at it anew every time!

  2. I’ve seen this book a few times. Nice cover! I like it!! Great pick! Thank you for sharing!

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