Stitchy Saturdays

Each Saturday, I will feature either something I’m currently stitching, something I’ve just finished stitching, or something I’ve just designed. I hope you’ll all join me in displaying some of your own work and leaving a link to your post in the comments below.

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New Designs Posted:
In Remembrance
Posted 11th November
Small and simple – a poppy for Remembrance Day. Also great for all manner of small gifts and cards.

Ki$$ My @$$
Posted 14th November
Another subversive sampler that gets round overtly cussing by utilising computer keyboard symbols in lieu of letters. Charted for two colours (red and blue) but could be stitched in just one, or in as many as you like. Tell the world exactly what it can do as you display it with pride!

Posted 18th November
A simple little sampler to remind you to make every day count. Great for an office desk or a living room wall, or perhaps a bedroom cushion. Stitch it for yourself or for someone special in your life, whether in the charted colours, or in shades of your own choice.

New Designs Coming Soon:
Noel and Xmas Cubes
Coming 21st November
Make little cube decorations or stitch them all together to make a multi-faceted biscornu – the choice is yours! The pretty blackwork designs will be quick to stitch, so you’ll have plenty of time to finish them for Christmas!

Little Samurai
Coming 24th November
These cute little guys are perhaps smiling too much to be spoiling for a fight! Stitch in the charted colours, or change to suit your own personal taste.

Bah! Humbug
Coming 28th November
A subversive seasonal design for those who like a laugh about a lack of Christmas spirit – a humbug ornament with “Bah!” stitched all over it.




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