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What are your favourite creature feature movies?

I’ve always loved vampires, but as Dale has already gone with Dracula, I’ll go with The Lost Boys (1987). It was the movie that reinvented vampires for a new generation, replacing the dusty old relics with young, good-looking, sexy, bad-boy bloodsuckers that were cool as Hell! Starring Keifer Sutherland, Jason Patrick, Diane Weist, Jamie Gertz, and both the Coreys (Haim and Feldman), and featuring a rockin’ soundtrack, it was the birth (or should that be rebirth?) of the genre that opened the door for all those young adult vampire novels and movies. So perhaps I should actually condemn it as being influential on the likes of Stephenie Meyer (who is singlehandedly responsible for turning cool kid vamps into sparkly emo teens), but I still love this film. For me, it never grows old, and it never dies!

Next up is a classic, both in terms of creature and film – An American Werewolf in London (1981) was perhaps the first properly scary comedy horror. The special effects for the transformation sequences were so far ahead of their time that audiences were stunned – they’d never seen anything like it before and it paved the way for all manner of new developments in make-up effects. There’s a heavy dose of humour alongside the horror; it holds up even thirty years after its original release, and it launched writer/director John Landis into the Hollywood stratosphere, as well as showing Jenny Agutter (previously seen in the likes of The Railway Children) in a very sexy new light. Trailers back then were pretty tacky and this one’s particularly bad, but don’t let that put you off watching this classic of the creature-feature genre, because you’ll be missing a treat if you do!

Finally, I’ll highlight a more recent film featuring an alien invasion, albeit on a very small scale. Attack the Block (2011) kind of slipped under the radar, but it’s something of a gem. The premise is simple – what would happen if an alien invasion happened right in one small inner-city area and the only people who could do anything about it were the kids from the wrong side of the tracks? The only “big name” was Nick Frost, who played a very minor comic-relief role, but the young unknowns are the ones who really make this film – they trurn in great performances. Made on a modest budget of around $13,000,000, this one has yet to recoup expenses (according to IMDb), but I would love it if more people saw this one. Don’t expect to be mentally challenged, but do expect to be entertained far more than you thought possible from such a simple idea and young unknown cast. It really is a diamond in the rough!

So which are your favourites? Let me know below and also let Dale know at Smurfin’ The Web HERE.


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  1. Very good choices, Ive seen Werewolf but I was never a huge fan of it. The makeup was excellent though. Attack the Block was a great film and folks should see it. Read my review here – http://smurfdok.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/wicked-wednesday-13/