Tuesday Tunes – Comeback Kings

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Comeback Kings
Are there any bands that you are glad have made a comeback, or are there any that you wish hadn’t?

Well, two of the bands I would have mentioned making memorable comebacks were already half-inched by Dale (Duran Duran and Take That sans Robbie Williams), so I’ll have to go with my last remaining choice for excellent comebacks, A-ha!

A-ha originally formed in 1982, but it wasn’t till Take On Me hit the UK charts in 1984 that I discovered them and I loved them from the very beginning. They quietly took a very long holiday from it all in 1994 much to my sadness and regret. They made a quiet return in 2000 which resulted in a new tour, but it wasn’t till the 2005 album Analogue that they really “came back” in force. It was a fantastic album which featured both their old sound and a fresh feel – it was everything the fans could possibly have hoped and wished for.

Here’s Analogue (although I couldn’t find a good video for it – grrrr!):

Sadly, the guys decided to call it a day, announcing their split late in 2009 and their intentions for one final world-wide tour in 2010. Their farewell album, Foot of the Mountain, was wonderful. In particular, I love Butterfly, Butterfly, which says goodbye to their fans with their “last hurrah!”


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