Musing Mondays

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Are you currently collecting any authors? Why?
Do you have all of their books? If not, why not? 
Did you buy all the books in the collection at the same time, or did you buy a book here, a book there? Have you actually read all of the collection? If not, why not?

There are certain authors I collect in my permanent collection and I try to get all their books in hardback (just because they’re more hard-wearing and often look prettier, and if I’m keeping a book, I want it to look as lovely as possible!). I tend to pick them up as they’re published after reading the first few which may have been published prior to my finding them. I read all of them (at least ,those within the series I collect), often more than once and I like to read them as soon as possible after publication as I can manage (sometimes I wait till a birthday or Christmas after publication as people are always asking for gift ideas for me!).

The authors who make up the bulk of my permanent collection are:

  • Kelley Armstrong – Women of the Otherworld series
  • Brom – all his illustrated novels
  • Christopher Brookmyre – all his novels
  • Philippa Gregory – Tudor novels and Cousins’ War series
  • Stuart MacBride – Logan McRae series and additional novels
  • Terry Pratchett – Discworld Series
  • Simon Scarrow – Romans series and Revolutions series
  • Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell – The Edge Chronicles

8 responses to “Musing Mondays

  1. The only author I’ve read of course is Kelley Armstrong, thanks for stopping by

  2. LOVE Kelley Armstrong! I even got to meet her once 🙂

    • I’d LOVE to meet her, but I’m in Scotland and so far (to my knowledge) she hasn’t done a book signing here. I do have several signed nameplates from her, though, which are inside some of my WotOW books. 🙂

    • Not so many any more. I used to sell some of my paperbacks on Green Metropolis and donate others to charity shops, but now all my books (apart fro mthe ones I collect for my permanent collection) get donated to my old school library (which is also the public library for that area) which has had no budget for new books in several years and relies on donations to either add to their stocks, or if they’re duplicates, sell to raise funds to buy more. I used to have several bookcases as well as boxes in cupboards and under beds and in my Dad’s attic, but I decided to downsize and pass those books I knew I wouldn’t re-read on to other people to enjoy. now I only have one large bookcase in my livingrom to house my permanent collection, and a large shelf in my bedroom where I keep my unread books till they’re read and either go to the PC or get sent to the library. 🙂

  3. I have yet to buy anything from Kelley Armstrong. I keep hearing good things but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. ]:

    • Even after hearing how good her books are, I think it would be hard to fail to be impressed. Her female lead characters are all so strong and vibrant it’s impossible not to like them and get on board with them from the get-go, and the stories and writing are so accessible too. And if urban fantasy isn’t your thing, she’s written a couple of mysteries too, starring an ex-cop-turned-hit-woman which are equally good. Please do give her a try – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! In fact, she’s the one writer I consistently recommend to people and have never had anyone come back and say they didn’t enjoy her work. 🙂