Movie Mondays – Vacation, Vacation, Vacation…

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This week’s topic is… Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!

If anything screams “holiday”, it’s the beach. If any beach is going to make you scream, it will be that of Amity Island in Jaws (1975). Holiday-makers are put off ever going back in the water by a man-eating Great White who chows down on anyone who ventures into the sea in the original summer blockbuster!

Be honest – the first time you saw this film, didn’t it take an age for you to work up the guts to go for a swim anywhere other than the safety of an indoor heated pool?

For my second choice, I’ll go further back to the classic Roman Holiday (1953) starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn as an American newsman away from home, and a princess who escapes her guardians in order to explore on her own and experience a bit of life. It’s a fun romantic comedy with two big stars who really deliver with the chemistry. If you’re not in the habit of watching oldies, this is a good place to start – just to see all the Italian sights and the atmosphere of Rome as they ride around on scooters it’s worth it!


2 responses to “Movie Mondays – Vacation, Vacation, Vacation…

  1. I reckoned these two would get picked up by someone, good choices.

  2. Jaws…a good ol’ classic! It definitely brought terror to the main vacation spot that many people go to. I’d surely think twice about visiting a beach, after watching this movie, lol.

    I am not familiar with Roman Holiday, but I might as well check it out since I’ve been trying to get my Hepburn-watching experience on this year to learn more about both of the actresses….Audrey and Katherine.