Movie Mondays – Things That Go Bump In The Night

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This week’s topic is… Things that go bump in the night!

I’ve always been a fan of the baddie masquerading as someone completely normal, or even completely innocuous, therefore the “boy next door” who turns out to be a murderous psychopath is always top for me, as nobody ever expects such a “nice guy” to turn out to be the exact opposite.

The perfect example of this is Norman Bates of The Bates Motel in Psycho. In the original version, he is portrayed by mild-mannered Anthony Perkins who is rather skinny and eager to please, so who would suspect what darkness lies under the surface. In the remake, Vince Vaughn portrayed him as rather shy and slightly simple which also made for a great twist (yes, I rather enjoyed the remake!).

In a complete turn-around, I also love a suave, charming bad guy. Take Dracula in his many guises, for example. He’s absolutely mesmerising and a master of deception, and the double-whammy of sex and blood is always great – the uptight Victorians were absolutely shocked and scandalised by the novel when it was published. Now, of course, we find it difficult to separate the blood and the sexiness when it comes to our vampires. Dracula has been played by many a fine actor, but the ones that always spring immediately to mind are Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Gary Oldman – the  latter actually managing to infuse his portrayal with sadness and perhaps even a little sympathetically, as well as sexy and scary.

Finally, I have to admit, I love my bad guys to be smart – there’s a lot to be said for intelligence playing a part in psychopathic activities. That’s where my last choice comes in. Dr Hannibal Lecter is quite the most chillingly intellectual murderer ever. Of course, he was first played by Brian Cox in Manhunter (1986), but he is often overlooked in favour of Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal in Silence of the Lambs (1991). Both, however, were scary as hell and worthy of mention.

3 responses to “Movie Mondays – Things That Go Bump In The Night

  1. I think I like Gary Oldman’s Drac best. Nice other choices too.

  2. Silence of the Lambs was a chilling ride of a movie! Psycho and I are having some trouble, because I haven’t been able to get past the first few minutes of the movie without turning it off. I’ve attempted to watch it once or twice and every time, I end up wondering “Is this movie really worth watching?” because it does not seem all that interesting. I will finish it though, even if I have to play it in the background while doing household tasks or something. One of these days, one of these days! lol

    I’ve had no interest in watching any of the Dracula or vampire movies. I think there is one sitting in a rental queue of mine somewhere though….possibly Nosferatu 🙂

    • Psycho is a bit of a cross-genre movie – it starts out a small-time heist film and then turns into a psychological horror. Definitely worth watching, but make sure you check out the original – it’s the best.

      Nosferatu is great, but I do love dracula in all his guises. I just love vampires full stop and can’t get enough of films starring these creatures of the night! 🙂