Blown Away By A Book!

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The other day, I was alerted on Facebook that I had won a prize draw hosted by The Book People. The prize I coveted was the signed limited edition copy of The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (first in the Cousins’ War trilogy). I wanted it simply because I love Philippa Gregory’s writing, because I enjoyed this book and because this binding of it looks particularly beautiful – those were the three reasons.

Yesterday morning, my prize arrived. I was busy at the time, so I didn’t get to open it right way. A couple of hours later, I grabbed a few moments to unwrap the package. The book was inside TWO padded envelopes to protect it, which should have alerted me to the fact that this book was something just a little more special than even I was expecting.

When I drew the book out I was amazed at the sheer heft of it – it’s at least twice as heavy as the original hardback copy I already have. Then the smell of that beautiful black goatskin leather wafted up, warm and inviting. Then I marvelled at the sheer beauty of the gold and silver tooled design on the cover – so pretty! Then the thick, creamy, deckle-edged pages that reek of quality. Next I turned to the title page with the author’s signature in a tasteful silver-grey, and the number – 276 of 750.

I hadn’t realised when I entered the competition just how rare this book is – there are only 750 of them in the world and I now own #276!

With all this, I realised this book must be worth a pretty penny (not that it makes any difference to how much I love it – it could be worthless and I’d still adore it) and went online to do a little research.

These beauties sell at £150 each!

I am absolutely gobsmacked!

So, this new book is not only the most beautiful book on my permanent collection bookcase, but also the most expensive, I shall have to make sure I keep it well away from small hands. I will certainly be showing it off at every opportunity whenever people come to visit.


2 responses to “Blown Away By A Book!

  1. Congratulations!! That sounds like a worthy prize indeed.

  2. Congrats!! That’s awesome!