Tuesday Tunes – As Seen On TV

Tuesday Tunes is a music meme hosted by Dale at Smurfin’ the Web.

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As Seen On TV
There have been many television adverts over the years that have seen the use of some great songs, but what are you favourite ones?

I definitely would have mentioned the drumming gorilla, but Dale got there first, so my two picks for this week’s Tuesday Tunes are as follows…

I’m not a huge fan of The Velvet Underground, but the first time I saw this advert for Dunlop Tires, I thought Venus In Furs was the perfect choice for it. The jangly tune just suits the weirdness of the advert down to the ground. And I do really love this track – it’s the only Velvet Underground track I like!

Secondly, I’m not a fan of boy band style music, but this new advert for Yeo Valley is just brilliantly funny. It also helps that the guys are absolutely gorgeous! And yes, you can download this track (Forever by The Churned). I’d love to see this one beat all the X-Factor finalists to the number 1 spot in the charts – that would be the buttercream icing on the cake!


4 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – As Seen On TV

  1. I knew youd do that second one, banging on about it yesterday!

  2. Off Topic…sent you an email that you requested. Trying not to log into FB. 🙂 Have a great day!