Tuesday Tunes – What’s On the Box For Kids?

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What’s On the Box For Kids?
What were your kids’ TV theme tunes?

Dale already mentioned my all-time favourite kids’ TV theme tune – Ulysses 31! Actually, that was my favourite show full stop and Ulysses was my first cartoon crush (along with Hank from Dungeons and Dragons).

One totally rockin’ theme tune that immediately springs to mind is the theme tune for Jem and the Holograms. I loved this show and would pretend to be a rock star (I’ll freely admit, though, I preferred the baddies – The Misfits!). Last year I had candyfloss-pink hair and remember gleefully thinking “I have Jem hair!”.  It was so quintessentially 80s with big hair and big shoulder pads, but that’s part of its enduring charm, and yes, the music was contagious!

However, I still reckon the best and most rockin’ kids’ theme tune is the one for Jamie and the Magic Torch. It was a fun show about the adventures a kid had when he was supposed to be tucked up in bed – instead he’d shine his magic torch and leap down through the light shaft it created into another world. Jamie, and his dog, Wordsworth, would get into all kinds of scrapes, but it was the theme tune that made sure this will forever have a place in my heart – it starts out prog rock creepy and then swirls into a big The Who style guitar intro which switches into pop-glam-rock madness. It’s awesome to the extreme!


One response to “Tuesday Tunes – What’s On the Box For Kids?

  1. Love the Jem post, that was also one of my favs. I’d never heard the other one, thanks for the link. My other favourites would have to be He-Man/She-Ra and ThunderCats.