Stitchy Saturdays – October is Breast Cancer Month

Each Saturday, I will feature either something I’m currently stitching, something I’ve just finished stitching, or something I’ve just designed. I hope you’ll all join me in displaying some of your own work and leaving a link to your post in the comments below.

October is
Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Breast cancer is a subject very close to my heart, and not just because my heart is right under my boobs. I know several people who have battles breast cancer and fortunately won the war against it. As a woman who is particularly fond of her chesticles, I thought I’d draw attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and try to do something to help charities doing research and/or providing support for those who have breast cancer, and also the families of those who are battling it.

As a result, I’ve come up with four free designs which I’d love everyone to stitch for friends or charity – anything to spread the word. I’ve also designed a sampler which is for sale in my Folksy store. All proceeds from the sale of that design will be donated to Cancer Research UK (the ones who organise Race For Life every year).

Design: Think Pink!
Size: 65w x 24h
Free design just the right size for cards or to put in a small frame on a desk.

Design: Think Pink Biscornu
Size: 45w x 45h
This perfectly square design would make a lovely biscornu or miniature cushion ornament, or would fit nicely on a card. It’s a quick-stitch and, like all the designs I’ve created for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, features only two colours. Use up those odds and ends in your stash!

Design: Think Pink Key Fob
Size: 21w x 29h
Just the right size for a fob, whether for your keys or your embroidery scissors. It would also be great as a gift tag – just back it with pink card, punch a hole in the top and thread through a piece of pink ribbon to finish it off. These would be very quick and easy to stitch en masse using up all those little odds and ends of fabric that we stitchers just can’t stand to throw out in case they come in handy!

Design: Think Pink Bookmark
Size: 21w x 105h
Perfect for the book lover in your life. Just stitch this bookmark and slip it between the pages to show your support as you enjoy your books. Easily adaptable to make the bookmark shorter or longer, this is a versatile design that can be made to suit your requirements

Design: What Cancer Cannot Do
Size: 139w x 139h
This poem of strength and survival is so beautiful and heartfelt. Spelled out in a simple, clear font and surrounded by a blackwork border stitched in two shades of pink, this would look beautiful in a simple white frame.

It’s available at the very reasonable price of £3.50 from my Folksy Store. I’m only able to list five at a time, so if it’s not there when you visit the store, please be patient – I will relist it as soon as possible. I’m working tonight, so if it’s evening you may have to wait a couple of hours if it sells out while I’m away from home, but I promise it will be relisted as soon as I set foot through the front door.

If you do stitch any of these designs, I’d love to see photos and will create a special gallery over at Kincavel Krosses specifically for them if I get a few.

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