Tuesday Tunes – What’s On the Box?

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What’s On the Box?
What were your TV theme tunes?

I’ve decided to go with two from my childhood and two from more modern shows.

When I was a kid, one of my favourite shows was The Fall Guy and for some reason, despite the style of music not being my thing at all, I always loved the theme tune. Here it is:

And on a Saturday tea time, every kid my age was glued to the screen for The A-Team. It had everything – action, adventure, comedy – and nobody ever died. There’s not a theme tune more rousing that this one!

And now for the modern ones. One of my favourite shows (currently on a break after season 4) is True Blood. Loosely based on the Southern Vampires series of books by Charlaine Harris, it features some seriously sexy vamps, and the theme tune, Bad Things by Jace Everett is just awesome.

And finally, one of my favourite shows that, unfortunately, got cancelled. Lie To Me was an incredibly clever show with an awesome cast and I loved it. To top it all off, it had just THE best theme tune – Brand New Day by Ryan Starr. Obviously, this is just a fraction of the whole song, but I wanted to post just the intro to the show. I urge you to listen to the full version if you haven’t already, which you can find HERE.


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  1. All great choices hun =)