Xander is 3! Where did the time go?

Today at 12.59pm (GMT) marks exactly three years since Xander was born. I can’t believe it – where has the time gone? My baby isn’t a baby any more – he’s a big boy and getting bigger every day!

We’re off out to the theatre to see Numberjacks today with Sonny (one of his little pals who will be turning three very shortly too) then out for lunch afterwards.

When we get home, there’ll be a birthday cake waiting for him! I’ve made his favourite – chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and piped chocolate buttercream onto that.



4 responses to “Xander is 3! Where did the time go?

  1. Aw. Happy Birthday! 🙂 Enjoy it while you can…Podling is 3 and Babyhead is 6….Babyhead is getting so grown up and doesn’t need us much anymore. I am not looking forward to when Podling starts school and she doesn’t need us anymore. 😦 sniff

  2. How funny, my son’s birthday is the 23rd and he’s Alexander. When I was pregnant my brother suggested Xander in response to my Mum’s idea of Giles (they are Buffy fans!). I decided to go for Alexander so he has a choice of Alex, Al, Xander or the full name as he grows up.
    2nd co-incidence, you mentioned my blog name in the previous post, Serendiptious Stitching. I chose the name because lots of things have happened with my stitching like the meeting you describe in your post.
    Now if you tell me that Xander’s middle name is James I will be totally coincidenced out!!
    I’ve been catching up on your blog by adding it to googlereader as the wordpress emails aren’t working and I can’t access my account there either.