W… W… W… Wednesdays

WWW Wednesdays are hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading.To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

* What are you currently reading?
* What did you recently finish reading?
* What do you think you’ll read next?

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What are you currently reading?
Elizabeth Chadwick – Shadows and Strongholds
I’ve not read much in the way of medieval historical fiction, but this has been languishing on Mount TBR for several years now and it’s about time I gave it a try!

What did you recently finish reading?
Julia Golding – Black Heart of Jamaica (Cat Royal 5) Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Not quite as good as the last one. Once again we’re looking at slavery, but this time Cat experiences first hand how slaves are treated. There’s a smattering of piracy included, so a second sea voyage (however brief), but I would have preferred more of that to explore something a little different. Still good though!

Kevin Brookes – iBoy Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Young adult urban sci-fi thriller with a great concept. Fascinating study on moral right versus revenge and the responsibility of those who have power (a la Spiderman etc). Believable characters coupled with hard-hitting themes which are deftly handled. I’ll be looking out for this author in future!

YS Lee – A Spy in the House (The Agency 1) Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
First in a series of young adult historical detective/mystery novels. Packed with intrigue and it doesn’t dumb down for the teen audience either. Definitely worth pursuing further.

Steven Preece – Wasted Resource (FOR REVIEW) Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Full review HERE.

Lauren Kate – Fallen (Fallen 1) Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
First in a young adult urban fantasy series. Interesting characters and concept although nearer the end it started to jump around a fair bit which meant I marked it down a little when I finished it. I’ll be reading the other books too though.

Michael Cordy – The Colour of Death – ABANDONDED
I just couldn’t read this one because it’s written in the present tense. It doesn’t matter how good a story is, if it’s written in the present tense, I just can’t get on with it. It hurts my head too much. So, sadly, I shall be unable to read this novel, which is the last one I was sent from the Transworld Book Group. Such a shame, because the other three were all great reads.

What do you think you’ll read next?
I have absolutely no idea what I’ll read next. It really depends on what takes my fancy. It will be my birthday on Monday, so I’ll definitely be buying a few books then. Most likely one or more of the following:

  • Kelley Armstrong – Spellbound (WotOW 12)
  • Brian Michael Bendis – Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm (graphic novel)
  • Richard Castle – Heat Rises (Nikki Heat 3)
  • Philippa Gregory – The Lady of the Rivers (Cousins’ War 3)
  • Terry Pratchett – Snuff (Discworld 39)

I’ll also most likely visit the library some time next week and pick out a few more titles there…

17 responses to “W… W… W… Wednesdays

  1. I really liked A Spy in the House…and it’s sequel.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You have some really great picks! I can’t wait to read Fallen. And what a beautiful post!! 🙂

    • Fallen was rather good – very enjoyable. I love urban/Gothic fantasy and the young adult section of the library seems to be filled with really excellent stuff of this genre. I always manage to find a few gorgeous covers that grab my attention. I know I should judge a book by its cover, but I usually find if I really love the cover, I love the contents too. 🙂

  3. reading rendezvous reviewz

    Black heart of Jamaica looks like my kind of read. its a series. I may have to look this one up. Happy reading to you!!

    • Definitely start at the beginning of the series as things happen in this novel that are a direct result of previous novels in the series, and it’s always great to have all the character history too:

      1. The Diamond of Drury Lane (2006)
      2. Cat Among the Pigeons (2006)
      3. Den of Thieves (2007)
      4. Cat O Nine Tails (2007)
      5. Black Heart of Jamaica (2008)
      6. Cat’s Cradle (2009)
      The Middle Passage (2010) – this one’s a novella that comes after the 6th book

      I’ll be picking up Cat’s Crade from the library as soon as possible…

  4. shadows of Strongholds sounds good
    thanks for visiting my WWW

  5. I want to read fallen, but will have to wait.
    Happy reading!
    Psique @ Book Travels

  6. I agree, I hate reading novels written in the present tense. Spellbound looks good. Will you be reviewing it when you are done?

    Check out my WWW when you get the chance

  7. You have a lot of books listed that I haven’t even heard of! Good to know your blog is a place I can learn about new-to-me books!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my WWW Wednesday post 🙂 Lots of these reads are new to me too, lots to investigate for future reads 🙂

  9. Oh, I loved Fallen! And I must read Spellbound, Waking the Witch ended so “Ineedtoreaditnowican’tlivewiththesuspenseofwhatsoingtohappennext!!!” Yep 🙂

  10. Wow, you finished a lot lately! It’s a shame Fallen wasn’t so hot. It sounds like it could be interesting.