Tuesday Tunes – A Good Pick Me Up

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A Good Pick Me Up
What tracks do you listen to that make you feel good and lift you out of a bad mood when you hear them?

Whenever I feel a little blue, there’s one song guaranteed to make me smile. And I’m not the only one. My sister and I once tested a theory of mine that nobody could resist the power of Mr Blue Sky by ELO. On a dull, rainy day, we drove down Union Street in Aberdeen and when we stopped a the lights, we cranked the volume right up on Mr Blue Sky and rolled down the windows. The effect was amazing and immediate – people started to walk along in time to the music with a little spring in their step, they began smiling and one or two even joined in singing. Another time, when stuck at road works on a motorway, we did the same thing. The cars around us, all with their windows down as it was a sunny day, all started nodding their heads in time to the music, smiling, and the guys in the white van next to us joined in the chorus with us, singing at the tops of their lungs.

Nobody can resist Mr Blue Sky!

So, if you’re feeling low, listen to this marvellous feel-good song and see if it works for you…

The other song that always makes me feel like everything’s just a little bit better is New Shoes by Paolo Nutini.


One response to “Tuesday Tunes – A Good Pick Me Up

  1. Two good choices, I let you have ELO 😉 You forgot to mention about its use in the best episode of CSI ever, Hodges’ Lucky Day, lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPsghCtOx9Q