Tuesday Tunes – I Shouldn’t But I Do

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I Shouldn’t But I Do
What songs do you like that are out of character for your usual musical taste?

Well, Dale got in first with Jedward‘s Eurovision entry, Lipstick (curse you!), but really, I’m a huge Eurovision geek too, so my number one entry here is the Eurovision Song Contest as a whole. Yes, there are some crap songs on there every year, but on the whole, these days the quality is very high and I love loads of the songs entered from around the world. But, as Dale beat me to the boys with the hair raising, erm, hair, I shall move on to something else…

Paolo Nutini‘s Pencil Full of Lead is so unlike anything else I listen to, but I adore the catchy, old-style big band style of it, and the humour behind it is brilliant too. Just check out the video…

I hate The Smiths. I hate Morrissey even more. Cannot stand the pretentious pr*ck. However, there is one song from this detestable source that I love – How Soon is Now? However, I still prefer the cover version by Love Spit Love from the soundtrack to The Craft, as it doesn’t have the nasal whining of Morrissey – always a plus!

I can’t think of any others off the top of my head, so I’ll leave it at that…


4 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – I Shouldn’t But I Do

  1. Haha, you shouldve used The Smiths version just to hammer the point home =)

    • Ah, but I don’t like that version. The fact that it’s even connected with Morrissey is enough that I should detest it. And I couldn’t in good conscience subject anyone to his wingy voice!

  2. Bronwyn Fitches

    I love that Paulo Nutini song too, he has an amazingly mature voice. I saw him recently on The Graham Norton Show, he was such a nice guy.
    I like this live version even better.