Movie Mondays – Get Away From Her You Bitch

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“Get Away From Her You Bitch – Who is your favourite female villain?

My favourite movie villain, male or female, is the Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil. Played by Glen Close in Dangerous Liaisons and by Annette Bening in Valmont, two of my favourite movies ever (and adapted from one of my favourite ever books!), this woman is viciously manipulative and savagely conniving. She goes out of her way to destroy people for the simple pleasure of seeing them crumble. When it comes to revenge, she is Queen of hitting where it hurts most and then twisting the knife. She’s the ultimate control freak.

Take a look at both the trailers – I hope you’ll be enticed into watching them both. Although they’re both adaptations of the same novel, both are sumptiously presented and have merits of their own. The first has the awesome talents of Ms Close (which compensates for the wooden inability of Keanu Reeves attempting a British accent), the second has the glorious Colin Firth as foil to a playfully alluring Ms Bening. It also has the wonderful Fairuza Balk

OK, so the trailer for Valmont has the cheesiest voiceover ever, but really, just trust me, it’s worth watching!


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