Booking Through Thursday – Anticipation / National Book Week

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What’s the last book you were really EXCITED to read? And, were you excited about it in advance? Or did the excitement bloom while you were reading it? Are there any books you’re excited about right NOW?

I collect certain authors and always get excited about new releases by them. The ones I’m anxiously awaiting right now are:

Some of them are already out, but it’s my birthday next month and  I hope to get some books and / or vouchers…

The last book I was really excited about reading in advance was The Legion by Simon Scarrow (Romans 10), as I love Scarrow’s Romans series and it was the most recent one I hadn’t read. I was practically salivating at the prospect. It lived up to expectations.

Two books that grabbed me as I read them were Ferney by James Long and Room by Emma Donoghue. Both were novels I was a little apprehensive of starting, but it quickly became obvious that they were exceptional – real 5/5 reads!

National Book Week
It’s National Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence as your status.

I will be just another punctured bag of guts and bones to be dragged from the arena and fed to your lions.

Caligula by Douglas Jackson*

Quite a descriptive sentence there – taken, mid-speech, from a character called Cupido, a publically acclaimed gladiator, lamenting the fate that he knows will one day await him, but taking it stoically.

* This is my first of four choices as part of the
Transworld Book Group.


6 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Anticipation / National Book Week

  1. Yikes! Now THAT is a line!

  2. Wow! That sentence is creepy! Feel free to check out my BTT here.

    Rumana @ Relook the Book

  3. Creepy and gross… I love it!

    House Millar – BTT

  4. Wow, that’s the kind of line that would inspires curiosity. I think going to have add Caligula to my reading list! 🙂 . By the way, Terry Pratchett is unquestioningly one of my favorite authors!