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Foodie Fridays is a weekly meme hosted by Diary of a Domestic Goddess.

The aim is to share a recipe or a favourite food each week so that everyone else can try it.

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I’m rather late today with my Foodie Friday post because, well because I was out having a picnic. No, the weather wasn’t glorious (come on, this is mid-July in Scotland – LOL!), but it wasn’t raining ,so we decided to go anyway.

So I thought I’d use picnics for my Foodie Friday focus this week!

The fact is, I’m not a huge fan of sandwiches, especially when they’ve gone limp and getting squashed whilst being lugged around en route to a picnic site. So I work around it – I rarely make sandwiches at all for eating al-fresco! Occasionally I’ll stuff some mini pittas or make some wraps, but more often than not, sarnies ain’t on the menu when I’m eating outdoors.

Instead, I favour finger foods. There are countless traditional staples such as sausage rolls and Scotch eggs, but I prefer to be a little more exotic. And because the weather isn’t always as warm as it could be in the summer, I don’t always just pack cold food!

In fact, today, I took spiced pumpkin parcels, feta and spinach borek, and spicy chicken empanadas. And they were all warm.

The trick is to cook them at the very last moment, so they’ll be ready just as you’re about to set off. Then you just wrap them in tin foil and pop them into a thermal bag (the same kind as you use to keep your food cool on hot days, only you don’t bother putting in the freezer packs). You should now have at least 45 minutes to an hour to get to your picnic site and set up. Your food will be at an edible temperature  – it won’t burn your fingers but it won’t be cold either.

So next time you’re having a picnic, try mixing things up a little by adding some hot food to your repertoire. It makes a nice change, and if the weather’s not hot, at least your tummy will have something warm inside it to boost your temperature!

4 responses to “Foodie Fridays

  1. I love your blog’s tagline – Bree Van de Kamp is so cool. And I love this Foodie Friday idea!

    • I hope you’ll join in with Foodie Fridays – I host it every week, but so far nobody is taking the bait. I’d love others to link up with their own Foodie Friday posts! 🙂

  2. Sounds like an incredible picnic. Wish I was along.