Tuesday Tunes – I Got A Crush On You

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I Got A Crush On You
Which musicians did you have a crush on when you were a kid?

The first major music crush I ever had was Adam Ant (aka Stuart Goddard). When I was seven years old  I decided I would one day marry him. I never did, of course, but even now, looking back at him as The Dandy Highwayman or Prince Charming, I think he’s gorgeous. The whole New Romantics look always appealed to me and he just looks so, well, so goddamned pretty! Check him out here in Stand and Deliver and tell me honestly, what woman wouldn’t hand over all her precious jewels immediately and then hope for a kiss from those luscious lips?

Now, bear in mind, this track was released in 1981, when I was only five years old, so I guess my crush began then – I started young – but it was a lasting crush and I still occasionally daydream about my Prince Charming. Of course, it helps that the music was great.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t aged well at all. He’s 56 now and no longer makes me go wibbly at the knees. He’s also had major mental health problems in more recent years which have taken their toll on him.

The other “little bit of a teensy-tiny crush” is a little more unusual. There was a band called Kajagoogoo. Everyone fancied the lead singer, Limahl. Not me. I fancied the bass player, Nick Beggs – the one with the poodle-frizz hairdo. Here’s Kajagoogoo performing their biggest hit, Too Shy (which I still love, by the way!). You’ll see Nick Beggs to the left of the stage, with the big white hair. isn’t he pretty? I always liked the pretty guys…

Too Shy was released in 1983, so I was about seven years old when I first saw him. Thankfully, Mr Beggs has aged a great deal better than Mr Goddard. He’s 49 now and still looks good!

Honorable mention must also go to Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. He was the keyboard player and had cheekbones to die for! The whole band were kind of pretty really, but to me, he was the prettiest and my favourite.

Here they are performing Girls On Film on Top of the pops in 1981. I was five years old. I still love their music.

He’s 49 years old now and looks fairly decent – he’s not completely lost his looks, but he’s not a stunner either – about average, really.

So there you go, my girlhood crushes laid out for all to see. Obviously I had excellent taste from a very early age because, quite clearly, they were both extremely hot back in the day. Such a pity only one of them can remotely lay claim to that label now…


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  1. Good choices there, Adam Ant now looks like a characature of Captain Jack Sparrow, they could have used him as his dad instead of Keith Richards, lol